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PSDCovers minimum Requirements

Action fails in Photoshop Elements CS CS2 or CS3

A question that is often submitted to me is whether or not the PSDCovers Actions will run properly on Photoshop Elements.  They won’t. (more…)

PSDCovers endless stream of error modals

The Fill command is not currently available and other error modals

Every Action from PSDCovers comes as a 2 step process, this is because you need to add your designs to the template before STEP 2 can continue to render the product mockup. (more…)

PSDCovers solid white canvas after rendering mockup

My Canvas is solid white after running STEP 2

If after running STEP 2 your canvas is solid white but you notice that the Layers panel clearly contains all your designs and elements generated by the Action then the culprit might be your version of Photoshop.

Of all the errors submitted to me over the last 4+ year this is the least common due to the relatively short lifespan of this version of Photoshop… (more…)

PSDCovers Cannot Find Layer 1 or Background

Cannot find Layer 1 or Background error messages

If you just found this site and went through the trouble of installing some, or all, of the Actions only to discover they throw up an error complaining about a missing “Background” layer then I truly appologize.

It never occured to me that recording Photoshop Actions would actually record the default Layer names in the English language. For example, whenever a new Photoshop document is created it opens with a blank Layer named Background. Also, whenever a new Layer is created it is assigned the name “Layer 1”, “Layer 2”, “Layer 3” and so on. (more…)