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Looking for a logo for your favourite hockey team? I suggest having a look at Wikipedia.org which provides an SVG (scalable vector graphic) for just about any brand, sport or organization in the world. The following is by no means a comprehensive list of all the current, or past NHL teams — it is presented […]


Wikipedia.org is a virtual treasure trove of vector graphics for just about any brand, organization or group. Take Major League Baseball for instance. The following is by no means a comprehensive list of all the current, or past Major League teams — it is presented here as a guide to get you started with finding […]


This is the new MacBook Pro Retina. Our freebie download Cover Actions will reproduce a faithful replica of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display at 300dpi around your 2880×1800 or 1920×1200 designs. Your artwork will be presented at full resolution after the Cover Actions are done rendering. We don’t just offer the new MacBook […]


The following image is the source photo used for creating the Soda Can Action found in the psd.tutsplus.com tutorial. All Actions on this site are based on product photography we do here internally to ensure they are free of any outside copyrights held by other photographers or corporations. DOWNLOAD can photoDOWNLOAD grid textureDOWNLOAD CAN006 Action […]


A collection of Dark GUI Interface Kits for desktop, mobile and web designs. These kits have been quite popular as freebies across multiple sources, this is a collection of the darker sets which I like to test with our iPhone and iPad Cover Actions. Some of these kits have basic GUI elements such as buttons, […]


Our new iPad 3 mockup has just been announced! Since the iPad3 is pretty much identical to the iPad2 except for the screen resolution (1024×768 versus 2048×1536). We increased the longevity of our iPad2 mockup by adding 2048×1536 templates to the existing JESUSPAD mockups. To start rendering your own iPad 3 mockup all you’ll need […]


DISCONTINUED DEVELOPMENT. The Adjustly Nextpage plugin returns the internal support for creating multi-page posts to the WordPress Visual and HTML toolbar. This is not a post-to-post navigation feature, this is specifically about breaking a single, very long page/post, into multiple pages. We did not create any new features with this plugin, it simply brings back […]


Looking for Photoshop Mockup freebies? We have those. The following post is a summary of what this site offers to give new visitors to the site more compressed information on a single page. What we do is convert our blank generic product photography shots into Photoshop Mockups. Period. That’s our niche. If you need a […]


Textures are an important asset to any designer whether it’s physical or visual. Here at PSDCovers we tend to offer faux 3D rendered products that require a lot of up front 2D design and texture work prior to being rendered. Unfortunately creating 2D designs or textures can be a very exhaustive process when starting from […]


Composition plays a big role in the day to day efforts of many designers, students and marketing professionals. It’s used to carry a message, convey a feeling or create an atmosphere with a target audience. And however static the Actions may appear on our site, these can be composited to create layouts similar to the […]


What follows is a brief explanation of the process we go through to create the Actions found on this site. Our Actions use Photoshop’s powerful image manipulation tools to render a high-impact, high-resolution product that will incorporate your design.  To do this, a lot of preparation is done with every product.


Photoshop Actions are meant to be used to save time on repetitive tasks. Actions can record your steps as you perform enhancements to a photo that, once saved, can be “replayed” on follow-up photos in the future. This article is an executive pitch explaining the most popular use of Actions.