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Refund Policy


We take your satisfaction seriously which is why our priority is 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with our service or have a refund request, come talk to us!



Refunds are offered under the following conditions:

  • Product has not met your expectations.
  • Your purchase was made in error.
  • You misunderstood the requirements (ie, requires Photoshop).
  • You lack the expertise to make use of the service.
  • The PSDCovers panel is not working for you.

For more specific details please read our Terms and Conditions for information about our refund policies.


Payment Processors

Our payment processors are PayPal and Stripe — members can choose which processor to pay with when subscribing to PSDCovers.

In both cases, the Merchant of Record which appears on your bill is our parent company, HaptUX Inc.


Requesting A Refund

Refunds are processed only when a request is made from you. Please ensure you include the email address associated with the account in order for us to process your request in a timely manner (usually 24hrs, Mon – Fri).


Still Have Questions?