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PSDCovers still requesting Subscription after payment was made

Panel Requires Subscription Even After Payment


“I paid for my membership but the panel still shows me a Subscription Required notice.”


You have recently paid for a membership yet the panel seems to insist you still need a Subscription to render mockups.


This error is a side-effect of the panel’s functionality. The PSDCovers panel is designed to store your session data and any mockups you render as locally stored cache files. By storing this data on your computer the PSDCovers panel can simply fetch the content locally thus render mockups more quickly. This functionality is also how the panel is able to work when your internet connection is lost.

The error, specifically, is that the panel has not had time to update your session cookie which contains your membership status.

The solution is to force the panel to request your updated membership status from our server. To do this we must clear the panel cache.

  1. Open the PSDCovers panel
  2. Click the flyout menu in the topright corner
  3. Select “Clear Cache
  4. Return to the menu and select “Log Out
  5. Close the panel
  6. Open the panel and “Sign In

Clear corrupt files from panel cache

The panel cache along with your session cookie is now purged from your computer, the next time you open the panel it will reconnect to the PSDCovers server and store your updated membership status.