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Meet The Team


Founded by Simon Lord and Roberto Caniglia, HaptUX Inc. is a Montreal, Canada 🇨🇦 based design company that has been serving our clients over 10 years.

  • Simon — Cofounder

    Product Designer

    Prior to PSDCovers, I designed and developed OnTap — a front-end client to the Autodesk Wiretap infrastructure. OnTap was widely used in the Netherlands, NewYork and Tokyo post facilities before being sold to Autodesk where it was rebranded as WiretapCentral.

    I have a college degree in technical Illustration & Design and over 30 years experience in 2D/3D graphic design, interaction and product design. I have created thousands of 2D graphics, product mockups and typography assets. I am an expert with Adobe Photoshop, Fontographer, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Audacity and others.

    As Cofounder at PSDCovers my role is collecting member feedback to determine which products they would like to see posted to psdcovers.com. I use Blender to layout and setup the lighting to render our 3D models which end up on this site and in our PSDCovers panel for Adobe Photoshop.

    I also work as product designer responsible for how the PSDCovers panel looks, works and functions. Lastly, I create all the visual content and write the posts seen on the site.

    You can see my work history on LinkedIn.

  • Roberto Caniglia

    Roberto — Cofounder

    Platform Engineer

    Prior to PSDCovers, I was co-founder and CTO of 36Pix where I developed the greenscreen technology found at the heart of our business. I also developed DAPHNE, an infrastructure service which allowed employees and clients to process over 4 million portrait photos per year through a front-end client interface.

    I have a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with over 34 years experience in 2D/3D engineering and product design. I have created thousands of 2D schematics, product design mockups and 3D assets. I am an expert with Pro/Engineer (Creo), Blender, Adobe Photoshop, JAVA, Javascript (React, Node), Python and others.

    As Cofounder at PSDCovers my role is the creation of the platform which makes PSDCovers possible. Internally known as the “CNC”, this platform processes 3D models created using Blender.

    The CNC publishes content simultaneously to WordPress and the PSDCovers panel. The CNC tool also provides the PSDCovers panel with the auto-generated JSX scripts required to render the mockups

    You can see my work history on LinkedIn.