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Closed Magazine Mockup 6r

Premium Free PSD Mockup Templates

Creating mockups can be a very time consuming process that separates you from concentrating exclusively on your designs. At PSDCovers we offer mock-up templates in the form of Photoshop Actions that can render your designs as glossy faux-3D renderings for showcasing your work in marketing presentations, school projects, portfolios and even print mediums. Faux-3D renders can take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on which Action you decide to use (some are much more complex than others). Actions are very easy to use, you can find a tutorial on this site here. In summary, once you find the Action you want to use you simply have to render out the template using STEP 1 located in the Action and then drag and drop your 2D design onto the template and then press STEP 2 which will render your design as a finalized glossy faux-3D presentation. Each rendered mockup is presented in a fully layered PSD document which you can further customize to your liking. Don’t like the shadows? Make your own. Don’t like the highlights? Adjust the layer opacity. You can optionally create new smart objects to add even more uniqueness to your finalized designs. All Actions on this site are free and started out as actual products which were photographed in our custom built light cube. Not only are our premium resources free, but they are free to use as well. Please read our terms and commercial agreements for the fine print. Please enjoy the Actions, we hope you find them useful in creating your mock-ups.