National Hockey League NHL Team Vector Logos EPS SVG PSD

National Hockey League Team Vector Logos

Looking for a logo for your favourite hockey team? I suggest having a look at which provides an SVG (scalable vector graphic) for just about any brand, sport or organization in the world. The following is by no means a comprehensive list of all the current, or past NHL teams — it is presented here as a guide to get you started with finding your favourite team on Wikipedia which contains high-resolution scalable vector graphic logos and insignias for the team you are most interested in. SVG data can be converted into PSD, TIFF, EPS, Illustrator AI files, Freehand FH files, PNG and many other formats using many online services such as this one.

Use of major corporate owned branded team logo’s, especially vector files, may require prior written consent. In fact, I’m certain it will which is why you won’t find any downloads on this page. Be sure to contact the owners of these brands prior to any commercial use otherwise you will be on the wrong side of a copyright or trademark dispute. All the information you will need about usage rights or permissions is on Wikipedia with each of the links below.

TL’DR: If you don’t own one of these teams it’s best you do not use these logos for any reason.

The best way to find content is to use Google with the following string:

wikipedia SVG item

Replace the word item with the thing you want to find. For example, Autodesk, Red Hat, Whitehouse etc. I’m not entirely certain that the sites which offer these exact same vector logos are legit so if you have a good reason to have to use a vectorized logo of any sports team or brand then maybe you can save a few bucks and just search Wikipedia first.

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