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Adjustly Nextpage

DISCONTINUED DEVELOPMENT. The Adjustly Nextpage plugin returns the internal support for creating multi-page posts to the WordPress Visual and HTML toolbar. This is not a post-to-post navigation feature, this is specifically about breaking a single, very long page/post, into multiple pages. We did not create any new features with this plugin, it simply brings back a valuable feature to the toolbar.


After activating the plugin you will see the following buttons appear in your Visual and HTML toolbars: Wordpress HTML Visual Toolbar Editor In order to demonstrate this feature I’ll need to ramble on about the services this site offers for 3 or 4 paragraphs to generate enough content to place a page break. If you came here to learn about the Adjustly Nextpage plugin then you can simply scroll to the bottom of this post where you’ll find the navigation links to jump to the next page of this post. If you found this page through a Google search and are looking for information about free downloadable PSD graphics and other freebies then the blue text below is factual information to content which does exist on this site, however, you may prefer reading this post. All the filler text will appear in blue so you know to skip it if you don’t want to learn about this site. When the text is solid black you can start reading again (likely on the next page).

About This Site (filler text)

Still here? Great! PSDCovers is a resource site offering free downloadable Photoshop Cover Actions to 2D Graphic designers. Our Actions are capable of taking your 2D artwork and rendering them onto a 3D product shot in just a few seconds. Need a magazine with your design, we have that. Need a soda bottle with your companies new branding? We have that too. The Actions generate a high resolution megapixel PSD graphic at 300DPI and keeps all the layers intact for you to customize further. Keep in mind that our Actions will get you there 90% of the way to rendering a glossy 3D product but are actually meant to be finished by you. Using multiple cover actions found on this site you can combine the actions into unique compositions that can help you to sell your product online. How to we do it? We collect random generic product packaging and inspect them to verify that they are manufactured by multiple sources. We do this to ensure it’s generic. For example, an aluminium soda can is easily recognizable by its shape alone, however, the can itself is highly generic and manufactured by thousands of companies around the globe. Blank Soda Pop Aluminum PSD Can The same thing can be said about any popular In Style or Graphic magazine. These publications to a great extent tend to share an identical dimensions are near exact aspect ratios, creating an Action to render a magazine is quite easy due to it’s highly generic shape. Magazine publication manual PSD template So why do we target generic products? A generic product can generally be used by many more designers than something specific. For example, we have created some actions for Apple iPads on this site and will very likely create additional iPad view as well as iPhone Actions in the near future. And although the iPad is popular with designers and consumers in general, it is actually a very specific product that is easily recognized by its shape alone. The problem is that the iPad Action, because it is so specific, is useless to designers that need to make Samsung Galaxy tablets, or Motorola tablets, or Windows 8 Metro tablets and so on. When an Action is made to fit a specific product it will have a very limited audience of users capable of making use of that Action. The iPad is an exception to our Actions, however, we have no plans for creating brand specific Actions as a general rule.

The Pagination Sample

So here we are, this post is now too long (you be the judge of how long you think your article is). If you are in the HTML or Visual editor all you need to do at this point is click the “Nextpage” button located in the toolbar for either mode and WordPress will now treat this page/post as 2 or more individual, navigatable, pages. Click the page 2 link below (sample code and downloading is on page 2).