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iPad 3 Mockup

The New Apple Multi-Touch Retina Display iPad 3 Mockup Action

Our new iPad 3 mockup has just been announced! Since the iPad3 is pretty much identical to the iPad2 except for the screen resolution (1024×768 versus 2048×1536). We increased the longevity of our iPad2 mockup by adding 2048×1536 templates to the existing JESUSPAD mockups. To start rendering your own iPad 3 mockup all you’ll need is the following:
  • A 2D screenshot of an iOS application design or released app (or your hand drawn sketches for the UI/UX designers out there)
  • Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 (CS6 is not tested yet)
That’s it.  Our iPad 2 mockups (JESUSPAD007 through JESUSPAD012) can also support the newer iPad 3 design.  The most notable difference is the thickness which is imperceptible on these Photoshop Cover Actions due to the shallow angles at which the photos were taken.  This detail makes them ideally suited for use as both an iPad 2 and iPad 3 rendering solution. If you’re not familiar with how Cover Actions work, here’s how it works:
  • Take your application screenshot and open it in Photoshop
  • Choose your iPad, however, for iPad 2 or iPad 3 that limits your options between JESUSPAD007 and JESUSPAD012 (6 Actions).
  • Expand the desired Action and render step 1, the template
  • Paste your 2D design onto the template and position it
  • Press step 2 (iPad 2) or step 3 (iPad 3)
  • Done
Our Actions work with either 1024×768 or 2048×1536 resolutions.  The Actions on this site follow a general rule that 1mm (millimetre) equals 24 pixels.  We do this to ensure that each 3D rendered graphic is a very high resolution image that can be composited with other Actions on this site and will fit together perfectly.  However, when it comes to scaling another designer’s iPad screens we chose the safe route and render the iPad 3 screen at 1x resolution. For the iPad2 model we opted to scale the design template by 2X to keep the aspect ratio of the template as close to the original as possible. As you can see from the featured image for this post, you can composite multiple Actions together and create layouts similar to those seen on Apple’s website or do something slightly different. You can find all our iPad Cover Actions in the technology category, including the first generation iPad 1.