MacBook Pro Retina PSD Cover Action Pro MockUp

MacBook Pro Retina PSD Mockup

This is the new MacBook Pro Retina. Our freebie download Cover Actions will reproduce a faithful replica of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display at 300dpi around your 2880×1800 or 1920×1200 designs. Your artwork will be presented at full resolution after the Cover Actions are done rendering.

We don’t just offer the new MacBook Pro Retina in a single position, we have six high resolution MacBook Pro Retina positions to choose from…

Front View MacBook Pro Retina

MacBook Pro Retina Cover Action Pro Mockup

Front view with a choice of semi closed or fully open at 90°.

Left Side MacBook Pro Retina

Left view with full visibility of the new dual Thunderbolt ports and Magsafe port. View comes with reclining screen or in the upright position.

Right Side MacBook Pro Retina

The right side view has visibility on the HDMI port and SD slot. View comes with reclining screen or in the upright position.

These Cover Actions are perfect for rendering your mockups or final designs for use in presentations, marketing materials or for your own website. Each rendered MacBook Pro Retina Cover Action is about 600KB (less than 1MB) and will generate a PSD with a dimension of 4260×3000 with dozens of modifiable layers with your artwork carefully rendered in the correct layer under the screen glare.

These PSD finals are yours to do with as you please.