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Tie Wire Affixed Vector EPS

Tie Wire Affixed (EPS)

Example of tie wire used to affixed both an electrical wire and glass (or ceramic) insulator together to ensure secureness of the cable.

Exothermic Track Connector Wire Vector EPS

Exothermic Track Connector (EPS)

Exothermic welding is usually used for welding copper conductors but is suitable for welding a wide range of metals, including stainless steel, cast iron, common steel, brass, bronze, and Monel. It is especially useful for joining dissimilar metals.

Exothermic Bond Wire Vector EPS

Exothermic Bond Wire (EPS)

Exothermic welding, also known as exothermic bonding, thermite welding, is a welding process for joining two electrical conductors, that employs superheated copper alloy to permanently join the conductors.

Wire Skinner Vector EPS

Wire Skinner (EPS)

Not much different than a sharp blade, this wire skinner is used to manually cut away the plastic sheathing of a wire in order to expose the copper wiring inside.

Fish Tape Vector EPS

Fish Tape (EPS)

Made of a narrow band of spring steel, by careful manipulation, the tape can be guided through confined spaces such as wall cavities. The goal is to push toward an area where guide string has been dropped inside the confined space and to pull it through, so the guide string can then be used to pull through various types of wiring, such as phone wire, network cables or speaker wire. Fish tape is designed to pull through guide string only. Using it to directly pull the target wire can damage or warp the fish tape.