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One installation, hundreds of mockups at your fingertips...

$ 4
Per Month
Billed each Month $48 per year
$1 .35
Per Month / Save 66%
Billed each Year $16.20 per year
$ 2
Per Month
Billed Once $24 for one year

Subscription Features

    • No Ads
    • Free Actions
    • Premium Actions
    • Instant Search
    • Category Browsing
    • Paginated Browsing
    • Bookmark Favorites
    • Inline Catalog Previews
    • Actions Installed Automatically
    • New Actions Each Week
    • Works With Non-English PS
    • Commercial Use
    • Email Support
    • Unlimited Renders
• Supports Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC *
• CS3 or earlier not compatible with the PSDCovers panel.
• Photoshop Elements not compatible.

* Requires the PSDCovers Plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Actions are published each month?

On a month-to-month basis the number can float between 4-8 Actions depending on the subject matter. For example, paper bags or cotton shirts are orders of magnitute more difficult to complete than postcards or greeting cards. As our workflow gets more streamlined this number should rise. You can expect up to 96 Actions per year.

How are your mockups different from other providers?

Our mockups are all photographed in a lightbox to ensure consistency across the entire collection (Apple devices are the exception). Each Action, when fully rendered, has a completely transparent background allowing the designer to change the product’s environment (view this tutorial on PSDbox for details). Most products on this site are provided at multiple angles allowing for more choice, the Actions also use the same scale allowing for Actions to be composited together into the same layout.

The kind of product I want is not here, what can I do?

If there are products you would like to see on the site, use our contact form to submit your suggestion. We review all the requests and base our workload around these which are most relevant to our users. Actions are then released to the entire community at the same time.

Who are you?

PSDcovers was launched in mid-2011 as a content portal. Our premium membership was then added 5 years later in early-2016 as a way to help us focus more time on our users while also streamlining our workflow and adding additional resources to our product catalog.

Where is my paid receipt?

If you are a premium member, you can find your receipt under the “Print Receipt” link in your Paypal account. A similar receipt was also sent you you via email at the time of registration. For any other billing inquiry, please contact us directly using the contact form.

After subscribing, how long will I wait to access the Actions?

Access is instant. Once payment is complete, log into the profile section of the PSDcovers Photoshop plugin and find the Action of your choice.

What is the difference between the Year, Yearly and Monthly plans?

Our $4 Per Month plan automatically renews every 30 days and is billed monthly — this allows anyone with short-term mockup requirements to cancel within 30 days and only be charged $4. The $16 Per Year plan renews each year and is the most economical at only $1.35 per month average. Optionally, for those who do not want to commit to a renewal plan, the $24 For One Year plan is not renewed at the end of its term.

When can I cancel my membership?

Recurring payments can be cancelled at anytime! To cancel, go to the Profile tab within the PSDcovers Photoshop panel and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the “Cancel Subscription” button. Instructions will appear to help guide you through the cancellation.

Is Paypal a requirement for premium membership?

PayPal is our payment processor. Those who have a PayPal account can pay using their email while those without a PayPal account can purchase a 1 year plan which can be paid with any credit card.

Do Ads appear for premium members?

Ads will never appear in the PSDcovers Photoshop panel when members are logged in, however, they will continue to appear on the portal. Premium members will not have to visit the website once the PSDcovers panel is installed, all Actions will be streamed directly from the website to the panel ad free.