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Jet Engines Vector EPS

Jet Engine (EPS)

Obviously the right and left side of a jet engine, but it’s been a good 12 or more years since I made this so I could not in all certainty say who the manufacturer of these engines are.

Wacker Compactor Vector EPS

Compactor (EPS)

In construction the “Jumping Jack” compactor (sometimes referred to as a Wacker or Whacker) is mainly used to compact the backfill in narrow trenches for water or gas supply pipes etc.

Angle Impact Wrench Vector EPS

Angle Impact Driver (EPS)

Impact driver with a right-angle head for accessing bolts located in tight areas.

Concrete Vibrator Vector EPS

Concrete Vibrator (EPS)

Concrete vibrators consolidate freshly poured concrete so that trapped air and excess water are released and the concrete settles firmly in place in the formwork.

Sidelifter Crane Truck Vector EPS

Utility Crane Truck (EPS)

The sidelifter loads and unloads containers via a pair of hydraulic powered cranes mounted at each end of the vehicle chassis. The cranes are designed to lift containers from the ground, from other vehicles including rolling stock, from railway wagons and directly from stacks on docks or aboard container ships.