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Sledgehammer Vector EPS

4LB Sledgehammer (EPS)

A sledgehammer is a tool with a large, flat head attached to a lever (or handle). The head is typically made of metal. The sledgehammer can apply more force than other hammers, due to its large size. Along with the mallet, it shares the ability to distribute force over a wide area.

Cordless Power Drill Vector EPS

Cordless Power Drill (EPS)

A cordless drill is an electric drill which uses rechargeable batteries. These drills are available with similar features to an AC mains-powered drill. They are available in the hammer drill configuration and most have a clutch, which aids in driving screws into various substrates while not damaging them.

Ball Been Pean Hammer Vector EPS

Ball Peen Hammer (EPS)

The original function of the hammer was to peen riveted or welded material, which makes it as flexible as the surrounding metal. Today, the ball end of the hammer is used to cut gaskets, expand and shape the free end of copper roves, light rivets, and “set” rivets (which completes the joint).

Bonding Hammer Vector EPS

Bonding Hammer (EPS)

The bonding hammer has a striking head on one end and a cutting edge at the other. It weighs 1.134kg and is mounted on a hardwood handle and is securely wedged.


Assortment of Vectors

An assortment of vector graphics created, and re-created, over the years for various projects. Personal and commercial use is permitted, attribution in the form of a link back to PSDCovers.com is appreciated.