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Blank CD DVD ROM BluRay Jewel Case


CDDVDCASE001 is a full frontal shot of a CD or DVD portrait mode jewel case which can be used to make a Photoshop generated CD case of any music, video or HD movie box cover.

HDD Hard Disk Drive Vector EPS

HHD Hard Disk Drive (EPS)

Generic hard drive illustration done in the early 1990’s. Wikipedia describes an HDD as follows: A hard disk drive (HDD; also hard drive, hard disk, or disk drive)[2] is a device for storing and retrieving digital information, primarily computer data. It consists of one or more rigid (hence “hard”) rapidly rotating discs (platters) coated with magnetic material, and with magnetic heads arranged to write data to the surfaces and read it from them.

Tape Storage Backup Data Drive Vector EPS

Tape Backup Unit (EPS)

This is a tape backup unit done in the 1990’s. Wikipedia describes a tape unit as follows: A tape drive is a data storage device that reads and writes data on a magnetic tape. Magnetic tape data storage is typically used for offline, archival data storage. Tape media generally has a favorable unit cost and long archival stability.

Disk Storage Raid Array Vector EPS

Disk Storage Array (EPS)

A disk array done in the 1990’s, very generic design. Wikipedia describes a disk array as the following: A disk array is a disk storage system which contains multiple disk drives. It is differentiated from a disk enclosure, in that an array has cache memory and advanced functionality, like RAID and virtualization.

Metal Maintenance Shed Housing SS18 Vector EPS

SS18 Housing (EPS)

Outdoor metal shed used for electrical equipment or maintenance gear. This shed can be repurposed as an illustration for whatever your needs happen to be.