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Switch Lock Mechanism Vector EPS

Switch Lock (EPS)

A facing point lock, FPL or point lock is a device which, as the name implies, locks a set of points in position, as well as proving that they are in the correct position.

Railroad Vehicle Duce Ton Truck Vector EPS

RailRoad Vehicle (EPS)

Self-propelled maintenance vehicles for maintenance of the track and for shunting wagons are much more convenient to use if they can transfer to the road to reposition or otherwise get out of the way.

Dual Control Rail Power Switch Vector EPS

Dual Control Power Switch (EPS)

A point machine (also known as a point motor, switch motor or switch machine) is a device for operating railway turnouts especially at a distance.

Cantilever Rail Signal Vector EPS

Cantilever Rail Signal (EPS)

Signals can also be mounted on signal bridges or cantilever masts spanning multiple tracks. Signal bridges and masts typically provide at least 20 feet (6.1 m) of clearance over the top of the rail.

Rail Bonding Machine Vector EPS

Rail Bonding Machine (EPS)

This is a gas powered rail bonding machine used to securely bond rails together and ensure continued smooth operation of the tracks.