MUG007 is a stainless steel 14oz mug. This PSD Mockup renders your design onto an area representing a printable white label (you can remove the label to simulate a direct surface print). A colour layer is supplied to allow for modifications to the mug’s steel colour. MUG007 is very similar to MUG004 except for the position of the handle which serves to simulate the mug at a zero angle whereas the handle on MUG004 faces away and to the rear at 45°.



CAN020 is a 12oz tin container with lid (removable). This PSD Mock-up is ideal for rendering prototype mockups for several product categories such as beans, wheat, powdered milk, cinnamon sticks or any other packaged products typically shipped in a 343g (12oz) tin can container. Your render faces the can directly with a position slightly above the centre of the can, it’s very similar to CAN019 but with a very slight adjustment to the viewing angle.


PSD Mockup Troubleshooting Tips

Over the last 2 years it has been a pleasure of mine to offer the design community free PSD Mockup templates for testing product designs. In general, the site, and the Actions both seem to be appreciated so I’ll keep plugging away at creating more Actions as time goes on.

However, in those 2 years I have seen a pattern of errors surface in the usage of the Actions that I would like to tell you about so that you may avoid these errors yourself.

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CAN011 is a 343g tin canister with plastic lid (which you can remove). This PSD Mock-up is great for creating product mockups for your coffee, cereal, chocolate milk, flour product or any other designs you need to have rendered onto a small 343g (12oz) tin can container. The final render faces the can directly with a slightly lower position (near worms eye view but not completely).



MUG006 is a top view of a ceramic mug mockup looking down with the handle at 0° pointing out to the right side. The mug holds 11oz.