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PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine side view


NOTEBOOK004 is a hardcover Moleskine notebook opened to the center page. This PSD mockup apply’s your 2D sketches or designs onto the left and right pages of this Moleskine notebook. The final render is from the left side of the notebook which is laying on a flat surface and opened as if to display its contents. This mockup is great for presenting scanned napkin sketches done at a café as if you had done them in the Moleskine.

PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine 45 degrees


NOTEBOOK003 is an auto-generated mockup for simulating an open Moleskine notebook at 45°. This PSD mockup will render your 2D art material on a 45° view of a Moleskine positioned on a flat surface and open to the center of the book. The hardcover Moleskine is view from a 45° downward and has a removable stretch band which acts as a book mark. The cover the Moleskine is facing down and is therefore not visible in this mockup.

PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine 3 quarter view


NOTEBOOK002 is a PSD mockup for simulating Moleskine layouts. This PSD mockup apply’s your 2d artwork to a three quarter view of a Moleskine notebook placed, hardcover down, on a solid white canvas and presented in a centrefold fashion. The Moleskine sports a 45° downward view and comes with a removable elastic band, the front and back hardcover portions of the Moleskine are not visible in this shot (other than for the etreme edges).

PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine sketch notebook


NOTEBOOK001 is a blank Moleskine notebook mockup for presenting sketches. This PSD mockup renders your 2d designs or scanned artwork onto a Moleskine notebook laying on a flat surface opened to the middle pages. The Moleskine is facing directly forward with a 45° downward view with a removeable elastic band.

PSD Mockup Open Notepad Sketch Sales Receipts


NOTEPAD009 is an open notepad mockup rendered in landscape orientation. This PSD mockup, while oriented in landscape mode on a solid surface, is still bound along the shortest edge (that is, it’s still a portrait notepad but positioned in a landscape orientation). A third of the pages for this notepad have been flipped to the underside to make the mockup appear as though it is in use. Page colour and binding tape texture cn be customized by the designer as well as modifications to the shadows and highlights via Photoshop’s layer effects.