BOTTLE005 is a blank generic fabric softener bottle capable of storing 1.95L of fabric softener. This is a straight on view with the camera slightly lowered and looking up at a very subtle angle. Sample layers for changing the colour of the bottle or cap are included in the final render.


MacBook Pro Retina PSD Mockup

This is the new MacBook Pro Retina. Our freebie download Cover Actions will reproduce a faithful replica of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display at 300dpi around your 2880×1800 or 1920×1200 designs. Your artwork will be presented at full resolution after the Cover Actions are done rendering.

We don’t just offer the new MacBook Pro Retina in a single position, we have six high resolution MacBook Pro Retina positions to choose from…

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26 Dark Free PSD UI Mockup Interface Kits (PSD)

A collection of Dark GUI Interface Kits for desktop, mobile and web designs. These kits have been quite popular as freebies across multiple sources, this is a collection of the darker sets which I like to test with our iPhone and iPad Cover Actions.

Some of these kits have basic GUI elements such as buttons, sliders, radio buttons and checkboxes. Please read the usage rules for whichever set you decide to use, they are free, but some are not commercial.

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