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CUP002 is a near worms eye view of a 473.18 ml cup (16oz) with a cap. This PSD Mockup is a type of paper cup most commonly used to serve coffee, soda, water and slushies among other things.  The artwork supplied by the designer is rendered onto this product shot and presented in a newly generated Photoshop document where the designer can manually make additional adjustments to the shadows and highlights if so desired.  The background is fully transparent and may be swapped out for an alternate image.

Paper Cup Drink


CUP001 ia a near worms eye view of a 473.18 ml cup (16oz) without a cap or a heat guard.  This PSD Mockup renders 2D designs onto the most popular cup size purchased by consumers at their favourite café(s), the final product is dropped into a new Photoshop document for the designer to continue modifications to suit project specific requirements (for example, new background, different shadows).