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PSD Mockup Standing Upright Rotated View Graphic Novel


GRAPHICNOVEL002 is a generic graphic novel with an adhesive-bound spine (no staples). This PSD Mockup for a graphic novel represents wroughly 300 pages — about the thickness of the WATCHMEN graphic novel if you happen to have one.  These adhesive-bound graphic novels tend to share a similar set of dimensions where the height and width can differ by very small increments, usually just 5mm (3/8) in either direction.  The thickness of the comic book novel can vary from just a few dozen pages to over 300 as this product mockup does.  If your graphic novel design only needs athin spine then have a look at the COMICBOOK series of Actions, those will render standard comic books as well as thin graphic novels.  Although the thickness of ~300 pages, this Action has been used to represent books from 100 to 450 pages simply by adjusting the design to fit the mockup (unless you are rendering manufacturing specs no one will notice if you make the design fit the template ;).

PSD Mockup Standing Upright Quarter View Graphic Novel


GRAPHICNOVEL001 is a generic adhesive-bound graphic novel. Graphic novels can range from a few dozen pages to a few hundred, this PSD Mockup represents the thickness of about 300 pages and used the WATCHMEN graphic novel as the product template. Graphic novels, like comic books, have a standard-ish product dimension.  While this particular product measures 168mm x 258mm (6.6in x 10.1in) others can be shorter or wider by up to 5mm (3/8), all the rendered samples in this post for example used content that came from graphic novels whose dimensions varied very slightly.


PSD Mockup Comic Book Face Up


COMICBOOK018 is a combination graphic novel or comic book laying on a flat surface facing up.  This PSD Mockup renders your artwork or scanned material and renders it onto a product shot of a comic book opened to the center page, the resulting PSD document which this action generates will contain multiple editable layers which you can modify to control the shadow and highlight intensity. This mockup simulates a comic book with a page density of approximately 30-40 pages.

PSD Mockup Comic Book Face Down


COMICBOOK017 is a comic book and graphic novel product mockup face down on a flat surface.  This PSD Mockup applies your comic book or graphic novel designs for the front and back covers onto a product shot which has the book open to the center page and facing down on a flat surface.  If the product is a graphic novel then the action includes an area to place the spine design, the designer simply has to toggle the layer on after the render is complete.  Shadows and highlights are fully modifyable and can (ie, should) be modified as required.

PSD Mockup Side View Graphic Novel


COMICBOOK016 is a product shot mockup for your comic book or graphic novel cover design. This PSD Mockup renders your sketched designs or final drafts on a digital old media mockup suitable for portfolio presentation or marketing purposes.  This mockup simulates a thickness of roughly 30-40 pages for both classic comic book or graphic novel mediums — highlights, shadows and masks are fully editable by the designer for post-rendering modifications.  For Photoshop CC2014 users, please be aware that CC2014 shipped with a transformation bug which remains unpatched by Adobe.  For details, and the workaround, please read my post here.