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PSDcovers childrens hardbound book angled 30°


HARDBOUND014 is a child’s hardcover storybook looking down on the book from 45° and rotated to 30° on the flat surface. This PSD Mockup takes the supplied sketches or finalized artwork and begins to render a children’s hardcover story book placed on a flat surface with a view looking down at the final product. The final render is a full-page spread at the centre of the book — your design could represent 2 entirely different pages or 1 continuous design spanning both pages. Although the hardcover book was modelled after a real-world product, it is important to note that designers should approach this product as a proxy for a hardcover children’s book with similar characteristics.  The book on which this product was modelled contained 100 pages (200 double-sided) and measured 5.6 inches in width and 8.2 inches in height with a solid hard cover (no sleeve) and a glued spine.

PSDcovers childrens hardbound book 45° looking down


HARDBOUND013 renders a childrens book open to the centre page. This PSD Mockup presents your supplied artwork on a children’s book laying open on a flat surface. The book is opened to the centre page and has a view looking down at the hardcover book from 45°. Highlights and shadows are included but are also entirely optional and may be toggled off. This book is a proxy mockup for children’s books which roughly measure 5.6in by 8.2in tall. The thickness of this boo is roughly 100 pages.

PSDcovers mockup top down view childrens hardcover book


HARDBOUND012 displays a children’s book open to the centre page. This PSD mockup renders both the left and right pages inside a simulated 100 page children’s book. The hardbound book is rendered on a flat surface with a view looking down at the book face on. The front and back of the book are not visible in this product shot. The book is not rotated to any specific angle although it is possible to rotate the book to 30° or 45° after rendering is complete. The completed render contains multiple layers for shadows and highlights which can also be modified to suit your needs. The background, shown here as a solid white surface, can be toggled off to reveal the transparency around the hardcover book. Custom backgrounds can easily be switched in.

psdcovers laying down 90° hardbound book mockup


HARDBOUND011 simulates a 100 page hardcover children’s book. This PSD Mockup is made to showcase book designs for proposed clients or class presentations by rendering the supplied artwork onto the hardcover product shot. The final rendering is presented in a new PSD with the book in the closed position and on a flat surface. The pages of the book face directly forward while the view onto the book itself is from a 45° angle above the book. The book measures roughly 5.6inches wide by 8.2inches tall and includes multiple editable highlight and shadow layers for further customization by the designer. The solid white background is provided as a default background but is not actually burned into the final render, the background can be swapped out with another background image or toggled off completely.

psdcovers laying down hardbound book mockup


HARDBOUND010 is rendered at a 45° angle on a flat surface.  The PSD Mockup is a hardcover children’s book which has your artwork applied to the surface— great for marketing or student presentations where context is desired.  The book is modelled after a 200 page (double-sided) real-world children’s book and measures roughly 5.6inches wide by 8.2inches tall.  The mockup includes the basic set of shadows and highlights to give the product depth yet they remain entirely editable.  The background, shown in the preview, is rendered solid white but is on its own layer which can be toggled off to reveal the transparent space which surrounds the book.