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PSDCovers mockup brochure render is wrong

Mockup has design placement errors

From time to time some designers get errors with their final render where it appears as if the design is shifted, improperly placed or outright missing. To understand why this happens can be confusing to designers not familiar with how Smart Objects work, in fact part of the blame is mine for not foreseeing this issue and I appologize for the disruption. (more…)

CC 2014.1.0 Transformation Bug

Photoshop CC 2014.1.0 Canvas DPI BUG

If you upgraded Photoshop to CC 2014.1.0 then the Actions from this site, as well as other sites which make cover actions, are now broken.

The error, at least initially, looks to be like an incompatibility with the way the transformation tool works.  My initial reaction (as well as my replies to users in the comment threads recently) pointed to this possibility — however, after a few days of fervent testing, it would appear that it’s just a basic mathematical rounding error accidently introduced into the CC 2014.1.0 update.  A bug.

Someone at Adobe made an honest mistake.

If you happen to be running CC 2014.1.0 then you need to continue reading — yes, there is a workaround.


PSD Mockup Template Actions
PSD Mockup Template Actions

How To Install Photoshop Actions

Having cut my teeth on Photoshop v1.0, I have long been a user of Photoshop. However, it wasn’t until CS4 that I started creating Actions. In fact, I knew very little about Actions as they never came up as a viable solution to any workflow I’ve had to accomplish in my many years with this application. I was well aware of Actions, I simply never had a reason to use them.

Then 2 years ago when the inspiration came to create this site I had to do what you are doing right now — find a site that can show me how to install Actions asap. (more…)

PSD, Mockups, Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting PSD Mockup Actions

PSD Mockup Troubleshooting Tips

Over the last 2 years it has been a pleasure of mine to offer the design community free PSD Mockup templates for testing product designs. In general, the site, and the Actions both seem to be appreciated so I’ll keep plugging away at creating more Actions as time goes on.

However, in those 2 years I have seen a pattern of errors surface in the usage of the Actions that I would like to tell you about so that you may avoid these errors yourself. (more…)

PSD Mock-Up Magazine Front Cover Action Top View
PSD Mock-Up Magazine Front Cover Action Top View

Premium Free PSD Mockup Templates

Creating mockups can be a very time consuming process that separates you from concentrating exclusively on your designs. At PSDCovers we offer mock-up templates in the form of Photoshop Actions that can render your designs as glossy faux-3D renderings for showcasing your work in marketing presentations, school projects, portfolios and even print mediums. (more…)