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    Coffee Tin Can Mockup
    tin can overcap mockup 99x124
    This coffee tin can mockup is a food-grade can for use in your food packaging product designs. Capable of holding 34 fl. oz. this silver can mockup is often used to package ground coffee beans and dry powders. Some examples include arabica robusta, liberica, excelsa, dry whole milk powders, and vegan protein powder. Measuring 99x127mm, this 3 piece tin-plated metal steel can features a cylindrical body and a polyethylene plastic overcap that covers the wide mouth opening. This can mockup also features a smooth straight-side body with a curled double seam at the manufacturer's end. The steel can is rendered metallic but can be shifted to any colour using a colour adjustment layer. When your designs are ready for rendering they will be applied automatically to the coffee tin can without the need for smart objects. The result is a glossy tin can with transparent background and royalty free mockup. This 34oz 3D tin can mockup for product packaging is rendered from multiple high-angle or eye-level shots and features 3 different light setups.