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  • Apple iPad iOS template
    Apple iPad iOS template
    JESUSPAD004 Action renders an original iPad facing forward with a slight right leaning angle.  This PSD mockup renders artwork placed in the template onto a glossy marketing representation of the iPad.  The finalized rendering is great for placement into marketing presentations or student portfolios to display work in context rather than flat two-dimensional designs.  This mockup generates the PSD with all image layers required to represent the iPad, that is to say, there is no PSD to download as the Action itself will generate it automatically.  Highlights and shadows are provided for depth are not only included but are fully editable for further modifications by the designer.
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    Apple iPad iOS template
    Apple iPad iOS template
    JESUSPAD002 represents the original iPad released in January 2010 by Apple.  This PSD Mockup renders a designer's artwork onto an iPad which is presented in landscape mode. Artwork placed into the template for this mockup should therefore be supplied in landscape format to fit the orientation of the final render. Each rendering is provided with reflections beneath the device which are fully removable.  The background, shown as solid white in the preview image, can be toggled off.  In fact, the area surrounding the iPad is in fact fully transparent making it appear as if it was floating in mid-air. This transparent background makes it possible to swap in custom designs, such as tables or curtain textures, into the final render to suit design requirements. The original iPad measured 7.75inches by 5.82inches(197 × 148 mm) with a whopping 1,024 by 768 pixel resolution display (~9in diagonal). The final render appears in a newly created Photoshop document.  The new PSD contains all the various image layers representing the various parts and shapes of the iPad.  Highlights and shadows are included and remain editable for further design modifications by the designer for their particular needs.