GRAPHICNOVEL009 renders your artwork or sketches onto a graphic novel product shot which is laying down on a flat surface rotated to 45°. This PSD Mockup is a Photoshop Action script which renders a template for you to place your assets into and then generates a multi-layered PSD with modifiable layers to further control or adjust the highlights, shadows and background (looks white in samples but is in fact transparent). The final render represents a graphic novel consisting of approximately 300 pages with a view from above looking down at 30°. The size and shape of this mockup is final, it cannot be modified to appear wider, thicker or longer.  For comic books with fewer than 50 pages we recommend the COMICBOOK series of Actions.


Specs And Samples

File Format: PSD Action
Type: PSD, Graphics, Covers, Actions
Resolution: 7800x6500 | 300DPI

Length: 17mm
Width: 168mm
Height: 258mm
Filesize: 16.76 kB

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