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    Paperback PSD Mockup C-Format Standing Release
    Paperback PSD Mockup Standing Face Forward
    PAPERBACK013 renders your supplied book cover design onto a standing paperback mockup with a slight upward angle. This PSD Mockup gives your new C-Format book a sense of authority by rendering it facing forward and the perception that the viewer is looking up to the book. The shadow immediately under the book adds weight to the authoritativeness of your design. The overall design of this mockup was based on a paperback proxy whose dimensions measured 6in by 9in and a thickness of 0.6in.  The spine is not visible in this rendering but the page edges of the book are clearly visible. Shadows for this Photoshop template are placed on individual layers, the background can be hidden to reveal the product on a fully transparent canvas.
  • Paperback PSD Mockup C-Format Standing Release
    Paperback PSD Mockup Release Date
    PAPERBACK012 is a standing, front-facing C-Format paperback product.  This Photoshop mockup template renders your book cover design onto a mockup for presentation or marketing purposes. This paperback product is rendered with a view from an angle slightly below the centre of the book which gives it an authoritative appearance.  The edges of the book are not visible in this mockup, however, more angles can be found in this series.  The book, which should be viewed as a product proxy, represents a C-Format paperback which is typically 152mm by 229mm (approximately 6 in by 9 in).  The final Photoshop template contains highlights and shadows which remain editable for further customization (ie, adjusting intensity).  The background layer is also entirely transparent once the visibility is toggled off.
  • Paperback PSD Mockup C-Format Standing Portrait Mode
    Paperback PSD Mockup Standing 30 degrees
    PAPERBACK011 is a standing paperback book with a mighty perspective giving the book a sense of authority. This PSD Mockup is a C-Format, this simply means the book's dimensions fall within the range specifically associated with large paperbacks.  This portrait mode mockup's dimensions are 6 in (152mm) by 9 in (229mm) with a thickness of approximately 230 pages (0.6 in or 15mm).  Your artwork is applied to the spine and front cover area of a book which stands facing forward with a slight 15° rotation.  The shot is from below the centre of the book with a slight upward angle. All highlights and shadows are provided on separate layers allowing for further customization to the scene after rendering is complete.  The background is entirely transparent and a great way to add a custom bokeh scene behind this paperback mockup.
  • Paperback PSD Mockup C-Format Standing Portrait Mode
    Paperback PSD Mockup Standing 45 degrees
    PAPERBACK010 is similar in style to the larger GRAPHICNOVEL001 mockup. This C-Format paperback PSD Mockup renders your book design onto a standing, portrait mode softcover book.  The book is rotated to 45° facing right allowing for a clear view of the book spine.  The dimensions of this paperback are typical of a large C-Format product measuring 6 inches wide (152mm) by 9 inches high (229mm). This mockup is modelled after a book consisting of 230 pages, this translates to a thickness of .6 inches (15mm). Shadows and highlights are placed on independent layers allowing you to easily toggle them off or further customize them to suit your needs.  The background is entirely transparent allowing for the creation or placement of any image scene.
  • psdcovers standing hardbound book mockup
    psdcovers front facing hardbound book mockup
    HARDBOUND003 is a forward-facing hardbound children's book.  This PSD Mockup stands at 45° with the spine pointing into the distance away from view.  The hardcover book's pages are visible and the overall thickness of the book represents approximately 200 pages while measuring 5.5 inches wide by 8.25 tall.  The final render for this book mockup applies the cover design to both the front and back covers of the book — leaving some space around the edges of the front cover design is recommended to avoid noticeable duplication on the back cover.
  • psdcovers standing hardbound book mockup
    psdcovers front facing hardbound book mockup
    HARDBOUND002 is a hardback children's book that stands upright in portrait mode and faces forward.  This PSD Mockup stands at a 30° angle with a very small upward view making the book appear impressive to the viewer.  As a children's hardcover book, the measurements are approximately 5.5 inches wide and 8.25 inches tall.  The thickness of the book, as alluded to by the width of the spine in this mockup, simulates a bound book with roughly 200 pages.  A light crimp can be seen near the spine which travels from the top of the book down to the bottom.  The white background for this item can be toggled off or replaced with your own background photo or colour — highlights and shadows can also be toggled on or off as required.
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    psdcovers standing hardbound book mockup
    psdcovers front facing hardbound book mockup
    HARDBOUND001 is a hardcover children's book.  This standing PSD Mockup faces forward at a 45° angle with a slight view looking up to denote a mighty book.  This hardcover mockup will render the supplied sketch or final artwork directly onto the children's book which measure's roughly 5.5in wide by 8.25in tall.  The thickness of this hardbound mockup represents a book of approximately 200 pages.  All highlights, shadows and the solid white backdrop can be modified or toggled off to suit your projects various needs.  This hardbound book does not have a sleeve jacket but does have a crimp on either side of the bookmarking the edge where the hardcover folds open. For best results, always flatten the final render before scaling your work down, flattening the book layers to a single layer will produce the best quality results when scaled to smaller sizes for use on websites or marketing presentations.
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    PSD Covers business card mockup portrait front view
    PSD Covers business card mockup portrait straight on view
    BUSINESSCARD012 are a pair of business cards standing in portrait mode.  This PSD Mockup renders sketched or completed designs onto standing business cards facing forward and at eye-level.  Shadows are cast behind as well as in front of the two cards and may be further modifed in the resulting Photoshop document.  Highlights may also be adjusted to suit the designer's specific needs and the background can be toggled off to reveal the transparentcy allowing for a custom background design to be dropped in.
  • PSD Covers angled business card mockup portrait front view
    PSD Covers perspective business card mockup portrait front view
    BUSINESSCARD011 is a pair of portrait mode business cards for showcasing the front and back.  This PSD Mockup applies your sketches or final artwork onto 2 standing business cards each with a slight twist and cast shadow — the viewing angle is a straight on eye-level shot.  Highlights and shadows can be modified within the completed PSD document and the background layer can be toggled off if full transparentcy is preferred.
  • PSD Covers business card mockup front view looking down
    PSD Covers business card mockup landscape front view
    BUSINESSCARD010 is a front and back business card combination.  This PSD Mockup renders your supplied artwork onto 2 cards that can display the front designs of 2 individual cards or the front and back view of the same business card. The final render is a frontal shot with a 30° angle looking down at the 2 cards.  A slight cast shadow exists behind the business cards which can be modified at any time through layer manipulation in Photoshop.  Highlights can also be modified and the area around the cards is transparent when the background layer is toggled off.
  • PSD Mockup Standing Upright Rotated View Graphic Novel
    PSD Mockup Softcover Graphic Comic Book Rendered Upright
    GRAPHICNOVEL004 is an upright graphic novel with a 30° rotation towards the left.  This PSD mockup renders your sketches or scanned artwork onto a standing graphic novel — the spine and back cover for this product are not visible in this shot.  The thickness of the rendered graphic novel is roughly that of a 300-page book. The resulting PSD document this Action generates contains multiple editable layers with shadows and highlights which can be customized, removed or enhanced by the designer.
  • PSD Mockup Standing Upright Quarter View Graphic Novel
    PSD Mockup Standing Upright Quarter View Graphic Novel
    GRAPHICNOVEL003 is a standing graphic novel product shot slightly rotated to the left.  This PSD mockup renders your artwork onto an upright product shot of a graphic novel with a 45° angle, the pages of the graphic novel are clearly visible while the back and spine of the graphic novel are hidden from view.  The thickness of the product represents a generic novel with roughly 300 pages. The graphic novel sports a minimal amount of shadows and highlights which are available as editable layers in the resulting PSD file.
  • PSD Mockup Standing Upright Rotated View Graphic Novel
    PSD Mockup Standing Upright Forward View Mint Graphic Novel
    GRAPHICNOVEL002 is a generic graphic novel with an adhesive-bound spine (no staples). This PSD Mockup for a graphic novel represents roughly 300 pages — about the thickness of the WATCHMEN graphic novel if you happen to have one.  These adhesive-bound graphic novels tend to share a similar set of dimensions where the height and width can differ by very small increments, usually just 5mm (3/8) in either direction.  The thickness of the comic book novel can vary from just a few dozen pages to over 300 as this product mockup does.  If your graphic novel design only needs a thin spine then have a look at the COMICBOOK series of Actions, those will render standard comic books as well as thin graphic novels.  Although the thickness of ~300 pages, this Action has been used to represent books from 100 to 450 pages simply by adjusting the design to fit the mockup (unless you are rendering manufacturing specs no one will notice if you make the design fit the template ;).
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    PSD Mockup Standing Upright Quarter View Graphic Novel
    PSD Mockup Standing Upright Quarter View Graphic Novel
    GRAPHICNOVEL001 is a generic adhesive-bound graphic novel. Graphic novels can range from a few dozen pages to a few hundred, this PSD Mockup represents the thickness of about 300 pages and used the WATCHMEN graphic novel as the product template. Graphic novels, like comic books, have a standard-ish product dimension.  While this particular product measures 168mm x 258mm (6.6in x 10.1in) others can be shorter or wider by up to 5mm (3/8), all the rendered samples in this post for example used content that came from graphic novels whose dimensions varied very slightly. This is a product shot, not a manufacturing spec, don't worry about squeezing your work to fit.  The final product is rendered standing up at a roughly 45° angle facing forward, the view is from straight on at the centre of the graphic novel.  In this shot, only the spine and cover designs for your book are visible — you can render the back of the book simply by placing your artwork into the template as usual and then flipping the artwork in the SPINE area horizontally and in the COVER area horizontally. Essentially the template remains the same but the artwork is reversed. After rendering STEP 2 the graphics on the product will be reversed, simply flip the entire canvas horizontally and your design will now appear properly and you will have created a render of the back of your book.
  • PSD Mockup Comic Book Quarter View
    PSD Mockup Comic Book Front
    COMICBOOK005 is an upright graphic comic book mockup rotated to 30°. This PSD Mockup renders illustrated artwork onto an upright graphic comic book with simple highlights and shadows that are easily modified to suit individual needs. The final render contains editable Layers to customize the shot, things like rotating the canvas 90° and updating the shadow to reflect the new position can make it appear as though the comic book were laying on a flat surface. This Photoshop mockup best represents standard comic books as well as slightly thicker graphic novels which are typically glued at the spine rather than stapled.