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  • PSD Mockup Comic Book Quarter View
    PSD Mockup Comic Book Magazine
    COMICBOOK004 is a standing comic book product shot rotated to 45° with the pages facing outward to the viewer. This PSD Mockup renders sketched or scanned 2D artwork onto a standing comic book product with basic shadows and highlights. The final result is a typical Photoshop document with multiple editable Layers for the designer to further customize to their liking such as rotating the canvas 90° to make the comic book appear to be laying on a flat surface rather than standing (requires the designer to create shadows to match the new position). This Photoshop Action can also be used to mockup graphic novels which sometimes share the same, or very similar, dimensions to standard comic books.
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    PSD Mockup Comic Book Quarter View
    PSD Mockup Quarter View Graphic Novel
    COMICBOOK003 is a quarter view of a comic book. This PSD Mockup renders your comic book design onto a standing comic book product shot with a visible spine component. This comic book action is more representative of a graphic novel whose main difference is there are more pages and a visible spine with distinct design elements. The spine itself has a few crimp marks and highlights. If your comic book does not have a distinct spine then follow the instructions in the Action and it will try to fit your design as best it can. The final render PSD document contains a group with spine elements that can be hidden to minimize the spine effect.
  • PSD Mockup Comic Book Template
    PSD Mockup Graphic Novel Akira
    COMICBOOK002 is a front view of a typical comic book rotated to 30°. This PSD Mockup renders your comic book artwork onto a standing, rotated front view comic book shot. This mockup can be used to render both graphic novels and the more traditional comic book — the difference is in the spine. A graphic novel is typically thicker and has a spine on which the graphic novel's name and other details are printed. A comic book by contrast has no such spine because these are not thick enough, they are simply stapled at the fold line.
  • PSD Mockup Comic Book Template
    PSD Mockup Comic Book Front
    COMICBOOK001 is a front view of a generic comic book. This PSD Mockup will render your 2D comic book cover art onto a standing, forward facing comic book product shot. Comic books come in many shapes and sizes, the most popular and recognizable of these is typically about 6.75in x 10.25in after they are trimmed down (the bleed get cut off). The trimming process varies from publisher to publisher which typically results in comics that are up to 4 millimetres wider, or taller, or BOTH, than the standard dimensions. This comic book action mockup takes an average of those variances to accommodate everyone.
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    PSD Mockup RSVP generic party invitation card
    RSVPCARD015 is the partially closed interior view of an rsvp card measuring 3.5x5 inches. This PSD Mockup is rendered in portrait mode facing the viewer with a downward viewing angle of 30°. Both interior panels are facing forward with the exterior panels, not in a direct line of sight. This resulting PSD document comes with serval editable layers for adjusting highlights and shadows to your liking.
  • PSD Mockup RSVP generic party invitation card
    PSD Mockup RSVP halloween party invitation card
    RSVPCARD013 allows you to mockup an rsvp design prior to printing templates or photographing final shots. This PSD Mockup applies any 2D design onto a portrait-oriented rsvp card simulating a 3.5x5 inch product. The item is rendered facing away from the viewer — internal panels not visible in this shot. Highlights, shadows and the background can be customized by editing the Layers in the resulting PSD document.
  • PSD Mockup RSVP generic party invitation card
    PSD Mockup RSVP birthday party invitation card
    RSVPCARD008 is the rear of a 7x5 rsvp card folded in half — measures 3.5x5 per panel. This PSD Mockup places your artwork in portrait orientation with the rear panels semi extended outward. The interior of the rsvp card is not visible in this rendering. The rsvp Actions have the same aspect ratio used by the Greeting cards and can also be used to render smaller greeting cards. Use the resulting Photoshop document to manipulate shadows and highlights to suit your needs.