About This PSD Mock-Up

MAG001 is a magazine shot at 45° angle and is leaning back about 45° as well.  The dimensions for this magazine fit those used by a wide range of publishers and make a great template to create fake magazine covers or as cover design prototypes.

See the samples below.  Note that all the magazines used for these samples had variations up to 10mm in their dimensions.

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Specs And Samples

File Format: PSD Action
Type: PSD, Graphics, Covers, Actions
Resolution: 8800x8200 | 300DPI
Length: 8mm
Width: 207mm
Height: 275mm
Filesize: 22.32 kB

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  • Ramon

    Hey Rosie,

    Just fill the whole document with your cover.
    Then let the action run to make the magazine.

    Place all the components in 1 layer (except for the background)
    Scale the layer to your desired scale.
    You wont hardly notice the difference in terms of perspective.

    Works great.

  • Bryan Yanuar Isman

    THank you, I love This psd mockup..

  • Zippich

    I have no spine in the final result, even after several tries, the “source” image is empty. The cover is fine. Any guess what is wrong? I positioned it very carefully, restarized… Nothing helped :)

  • psdcovers

    List of things that can go wrong (but fixable).

  • mosby josh

    the greateast ATN, thank you !

  • amin

    Hello and thank you very much for your awesome actions.But unfortunately i do not get the same result of shown templates for each action. you can check the one rendered one for me and your main template. and compare them. Is it possible to solve this problem? thank you very much.

  • amin

    I forgot to mention that i’m using cs5.

  • psdcovers

    Hi Amin, I don’t have enough information to help you. When rendering fails this badly it’s usully because it’s an unsupported version of Photoshop (like CS2 or older). I have some troubleshooting tip son the following page:

    Let me know what OS, language and version of Photoshop you are using. I’ll see if I can at least tell you why it’s failing.

  • Amin

    Hi there,My OS is windows 7 and i use Photoshop CS 5 middle east version (12.0) (That picture is a compressed and low quality version of of rendered image but as you see its main parts specially spine section is not created correctly)

  • Amin

    Although i’m using middle east version but its language is English.

  • psdcovers

    I have never seen this type of issue Amin. Are you rendering the template as it was generated without hiding or moving any layers? It’s a very odd error — what I see is that template portions from STEP 1 were not correctly placed and therefore rendered into the incorrect locations in STEP 2.

    Have you tried placing your design into the template and rendering it? What are the results when you do this?

  • amin

    Yes, I just run step 1 and when the template is generated i place my design into the template without changing or hiding any layers and then run step2. And i get that kind of result. You are right the problem occurs in step 1 as the portions get placed incorrectly. but i do not change anything.

  • psdcovers

    A few questions:

    1) Is your design placed at the topmost layer in the Layers panel? I don’t see it at all…
    2) Is your design a smart object? If so, please rasterize it first.

    Try that, let me know.

  • amin

    Well,I took the above picture from rendering the raw generated template without applying any design to it. But according to your instruction i rasterized all the layers the final result got better and problem solved. but the spine section looks artificially shining and that is not the same as your original picture you have posted it normal?. You know, if we take a close look at the picture we can notice that the texts appear from right to left not left to right because my version is middle east( as you know Arabic and Farsi languages are written in right to left format but English is written in left to right format.)
    I’m not professional photoshopist but i think some settings cause the template portions(for example spine section) appear in opposite order( right to left instead of left to right). i think everything is OK but the spine section doesn’t look the same as your posted picture or maybe i’m wrong. i post the final result(one raw rendered template and one picture applied to it). please let me know if it is normal and everything is good or not? Thanks for taking time and helping me

  • amin

    . I think the problem solved but the spine section looks shining and not the same as your one. is it normal?

  • psdcovers

    Hi Amin, I’m very glad that things are getting better!

    Yes, the highlight layers and shadows can may your design look too shiny — that’s why I leave the Layers unflattened so designers can edit the effects to their liking.

    As for reading from right to left, you can render this quite easily….

    1) Render STEP 1
    2) Place all your designs as usual
    3) FLIP EACH DESIGN HORIZONTALLY (everything looks reversed now)
    4) Render STEP 2
    5) The result looks good but the design is reversed — FLIP THE CANVAS HORIZONTALLY.
    6) The magazine is now right to left.

  • Amin

    Thanks man!! You are awesome! you could price your actions tens of dollars but you give them for free and help everybody visiting your website. That is your kindness. Thank you very very much for taking time and helping me.

  • kev

    just PREFECT!!

  • kev

    oops!!hahaha I meant PERFECT!