About This PSD Mock-Up

BUSINESSCARD008 is a pair of corporate business cards measuring 3.5in x 2in. This PSD Mockup template renders 2 cards titled in opposite directs at 30° and is a top view shot. The business cards are independent and can be moved around or have their sort order reversed.

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Specs And Samples

File Format: PSD Action
Type: PSD, Graphics, Covers, Actions
Resolution: 5000x4000 | 300DPI
Width: 88mm
Height: 51mm
Filesize: 11.17 kB

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  • Pablo Rodriguez

    Love Barber Jim :) You consider it an Autoportrait? ;-)

  • psdcovers

    No, but it’s a fair representation of current conditions… :P

  • Adam Womble

    This action set is cutting the back of the card in half when the second action is enacted. Thank you for all of your hard work. It’s staggering the amount of work you’ve released for free.

  • psdcovers

    Hi Adam, I see a few possible errors you could be encountering…

    1) After rendering STEP 1, be sure that you do not *hide* any layers. When Photoshop runs STEP 2 it will miss any layers that are hidden (i.e., it fails to flatten them) and it completely throws off the rendering process.


    2) Another issue is if you are using vector data (vector smart objects). While vectors are perfectly valid data, the Action will fail to properly crop the document which will completely alter the position of the design. The fix here is to rasterize your artwork prior to running STEP 2.


  • Adam Womble

    Thank you very much for your quick response! I had a feeling it might be that I was inserting vector art. I appreciate your help, sir!

    God bless,