About This PSD Mock-Up

015 is a Tri-Fold 8.5in x 11in . This letter has 3 panels with a width of approximately 3.72in each and the panels fold into the centre panel. Your rendered design looks as if it’s laying on a surface directly facing the camera which is positioned off centre at 45°.

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Specs And Samples

File Format: PSD Action
Type: PSD, Graphics, Covers, Actions
Resolution: 8800x6600 | 300DPI
Width: 280mm
Height: 216mm
Filesize: 15.21 kB

Similar Actions

  • Will Abbott

    Third page is appearing blank for me, have tried several times!

  • psdcovers

    After rendering STEP 1, do not hide or delete any layers from the template. Place your artwork at the topmost levels to cover the template layers only. Photoshop will mess up the render if you try to hide layers (they don’t get flattened which then affects how STEP 2 does it’s job).

  • Narthur

    This is happening for me, too, in Photoshop CS4. My image is at the top of the layer stack and no layers are turned off.

  • Narthur

    Did a little poking around in the layers panel and found that “panel 03″ is pushed out off the right edge of the page and is not skewed properly.

  • psdcovers

    It will render incorrectly if your artwork is a vector smart layer. These fail because Photoshop cannot crop vector layers therefore the transformation is applied to the design incorrectly. Try to rasterize your art layer first.

  • Narthur

    That fixed it! I had imported a PDF as a smart object. After rasterizing the layer, the action worked like a charm. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • psdcovers

    Thanks for not giving up! :)

  • Ania F.

    DO you have this but with the size of an A4? 297mmx210mm?

  • Vusi Sindane

    rasterized the layer, but still no joy for me

  • Yael

    Hi I looove your mock ups they are awesome I have had no issues ever before but now the third page will not appear it always comes out blank. I have read all the suggestions and done them and still nothing…Please help me thanks!!

  • psdcovers

    Hi Yael, sounds like you have a vector smart object which is larger than the document area. You need to rasterize those layers before rennung step 2. Read more here:

    Also, if you upgrade to CC2014 there is a nasty DPI bug, I have a workaround here: