Our can mockup generator for Photoshop renders quarter pint, half-pint, pint, flat quart, quart and gallon commercial paint cans in seconds. Find glossy spill-proof friction lids, double seam ends, metallic finish and other customizable can mockup with tin-coated steel.

The paint can mockups are divided below into retail products for online mockup browsing. Each license free metal can mockup features a customizable template rendered using the PSDCovers mockup generator. Take your commercial designs or product designs and place it into the PSD mockup template to render your packaging high-angle or eye-level mockups in seconds.

  • AR
    PAINT CAN 003
    Metal Paint Can Mockup
    paint can 003
    This paint can mockup is a half-pint tin-plated steel can for use in your product designs. Capable of holding 8 fl. oz. this can mockup is often used to package industrial products and personalized promotional gifts. Some examples include paint samples, latex paint, cement, melted chocolate, jelly beans, hard candies, and bubble gum mini buckets. Measuring 73x75mm, this 3-piece tin can features a cylindrical straight-sided body and a double seam at the bottom. This steel paint can mockup also features a tripletite closure typically found on paint cans with epoxy phenolic lining. The metal can is rendered as silver but can be shifted to any colour such as black using a colour adjustment layer. When your designs are ready for rendering they will be applied automatically to the small steel can without the need for smart objects. The result is a glossy tin can with transparent background and license free mockup. This 8oz 3D metallic paint can mockup for product packaging is rendered from multiple high-angle or eye-level shots.
  • FREE
    PSD Mockup Spray Can 85g forward shot
    PSD Mockup Banksy Black Spray Can 85g
    CAN030 is the final in our spray can series.  This PSD Mockup renders your early stage sketches or finalized can design onto an 85g (3oz) spray can with plastic cap (non-removable in this composition). The design is made to look like it is printed on the paper label which surrounds the body of the can.  The can itself is rendered to mimic a steel product, only the cap is made of plastic.  The background is fully transparent allowing for a custom background scene to be dropped into position.  Shadows and highlight effects are provided on individual layers and may be toggle off or decreased in intensity to suit your own needs.
  • PSD Mockup Spray Can 85g forward shot
    PSD Mockup Banksy Black Spray Can 85g
    CAN037 renders a common spray can with your design applied to the label wrapped around its surface.  This PSD Mockup represents a quarter-height can, one of the smaller cans in this category. The most popular use for this type of container is for shaving cream, paint spray, hair spray or low tack spray adhesive product. The cap colour for this product can be easily modified using the sample cap colour layer provided in the final render.  Highlights and shadows are also provided as familiar Photoshop layers with editable layer effects.  As with all PSD Mockups, the background can be hidden for a completely transparent effect or can be replaced with your own design.
  • PSD Mockup Spray Can 8ounce above view
    PSD Mockup Spray Can top 8oz Banksy Black
    CAN036 is an above shot of a spray can at 45°.  This PSD Mockup applies your sketch or final design onto this proxy representation of a 213g (8oz) spray can.  Once completed, the final render contains a basic set of highlights, shadows and sample plastic cap layer for further customization.  The label design is made to simulate a stripe of printed sticky paper wrapped around the can, hiding or removing this layer will reveal the steel surface beneath the label.  The plastic cap however is a permanent fixture, hiding the cap will not reveal the familiar red spray nozzle.  This PSD Mockups is a great proxy for a paint spray can but can be useful for other products that share the same packaging such as hairspray, shaving cream or possibly liquid cheese...
  • PSD Mockup Spray Can 213g 8ounce forward
    PSD Mockup Spray Can 8oz Banksy Black
    CAN035 is a typical spray can with plastic cap.  This PSD Mockup renders your supplied sketch or finalized designs onto a standing 213g (~8oz) spray can.  The completed render will present your artwork on a can with a 30° view from above the can looking down.  The samples included in this post make it seem the can is facing forward, however, you can easily render the side or back of the can. To do this, simply adjust your design in your template to display the area of the design to render. The background is transparent and simply appears white as this is the mockups default setup.  Changing the background image involves toggling off our default white background in favour of your own image.  Highlights and shadows are provided to help accentuate the spray can's depth and light sources.
  • FREE
    PSD Mockup Spray Can 340g 12ounce Above view
    PSD Mockup Spray Can 340g Top View
    CAN034 applies the supplied sketch or final designs to a standing proxy spray can with a 45° downward view. This PSD Mockup simulates a 340g (approx 12oz) spray can facing forward with light reflections placed on either side.  To make the can appear as if it was rotated to the left or right, simply offset your artwork in the template so that it is not perfectly centered. Highlights and shadow layers are provided as individual layers in the rendered final and can be modified to suit your needs.  The cap colour is also available on a separate layer — edit the layer effects to change the colour.
  • PSD Mockup Spray Can 340g 12ounce standing
    PSD Mockup Spray Can 340g
    CAN033 is a standing 340g (12 ounce) spray can with plastic lid. This PSD Mockup renders your spray can design onto the can which is facing forward.  The view angle of the can is with a small downward view allowing the top of the can to be visible.  A worms eye view of the same 12 ounce PSD mockup can be found here. This can is meant to act as a proxy for presenting your artwork to fellow marketers, your clients, or to showcase on your site.  The colour of the plastic cap can be toggled off to reveal a pure white cap or it can be modified to any colour your product requires.