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Security Alarm Bell Vector EPS

Security Alarm Bell (EPS)

Metallic security alarm bell mounted above equipment sheds. This bell is in the closed position and is normally mounted vertically.

File Shunt Vector EPS

File Shunt (EPS)

This is a file shunt, also known as a testing shunt. A testing shunt is critical to the proper operation of a railroad signal system that allows crew members to do basic signal testing.

Metal Crimp Crimping Tool Vector EPS

Crimping Tool (EPS)

Crimping is most extensively used in metalworking. Crimping is commonly used to join bullets to their cartridge cases, for rapid but lasting electrical connectors, securing lids on metal food cans, and myriad other applications. Because it can be a cold-working technique, crimping can also be used to form a strong bond between the workpiece and a non-metallic component.

Chisel Plug Close Vector EPS

Chisel And Holder (EPS)

Chisel and holder in action. Never hold a chisel in your hands, instead, use the holder to securely maintain a safe distance between your hands and the impacting tool. Striking the chisel with an impact tool may cause metal fragments to shatter or shear, always wear protective gear.

Wire Strippers Vector EPS

Wire Strippers (EPS)

Wire strippers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This tool is designed to remove the insulation surrounding the wire by fitting the wire into the groove or slotted end of the tool and squeezing the handle. Insulation is typically removed from both ends of a wire.