How To Install Photoshop Actions

Having cut my teeth on Photoshop v1.0, I have long been a user of Photoshop. However, it wasn’t until CS4 that I started creating Actions. In fact, I knew very little about Actions as they never came up as a viable solution to any workflow I’ve had to accomplish in my many years with this application. I was well aware of Actions, I simply never had a reason to use them.

Then 2 years ago when the inspiration came to create this site I had to do what you are doing right now — find a site that can show me how to install Actions asap.

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How It Works

The following tutorial is representative of how all the Photoshop Actions on this site work.

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Composition plays a big role in the day to day efforts of many designers, students and marketing professionals. It’s used to carry a message, convey a feeling or create an atmosphere with a target audience. And however static the Actions may appear on our site, these can be composited to create layouts similar to the featured image for this article.

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