About This PSD Mock-Up

BAG001 is a 140g chip bag with the camera positioned directly in front of it. The bag can contain any number of products other than chips such as popcorn, pretzels, cookies, marsh mellows, rice puffs etc. This paper chip bag contains a large number of transformations to ensure your design looks like it wraps around the bag.

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Specs And Samples

File Format: PSD Action
Type: PSD, Graphics, Covers, Actions
Resolution: 7000x10400 | 300DPI
Width: 205mm
Height: 346mm
Weight: 140
Filesize: 1.73 MB

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    THANKS A LOT FOR THIS !! It’s a life saver.

  • D.h. Purnomo

    thank you, this will very usefull for me

  • titta

    Hi! Is there a feature in this action to change the proportions of the bag and make it wider?

  • psdcovers

    No, Photoshop Actions are not that flexible. It can only generate the original recording. I have plans for various bags on my list—but no promises on when those will get done.

  • Abi

    Can you gimme its psd too?
    my end result is same as you displayed. i wanna make a custom chips cover. can you help me?

  • psdcovers

    Hi Abi, the Action creates the required PSD’s. If you are referring to the graphics I use, I don’t publish those because some of the artwork is mine and some of it comes from and other content sites.

  • Eric

    This is Awesome! If I could weigh in on whats next, I would vote for more/different styles of bag packaging! Thanks so much!

  • Philipe Lima

    Perfeito! agora falta somente alguns outros tamanhos e modelos, igual a variedade de outros covers

  • Victor Sobrinho

    He we say “fuckastic”..rsrsrs

  • Meli

    Its amazing!!!! I want to be like you when I grow up, haha. You are an amazing designer aaand an amazing person, thanks for sharing :)

  • Fan

    OMG!!! I LOVE YOU!

  • Uju

    God bless u man!!!

  • Towhid


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