About This PSD Mock-Up

WINE001 is a 1L wine bottle facing directly forward. This PSD Mockup Cover Action bottle supports dark wines, red wines, light wines, white wines, water or other beverage that fits this type of bottle shape. The label can be manipulated to make the bottle appear as if it were turned slightly.

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Specs And Samples

File Format: PSD Action
Type: PSD, Graphics, Covers, Actions
Resolution: 3648x9000 | 300DPI
Width: 83mm
Height: 321mm
Volume: 1L
Filesize: 848.24 kB

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  • tom-over

    The neck of the bottle is strange.
    This is a cork or metal ?

  • PSDCovers

    I haven’t opened the bottle yet since I don’t drink wine…

    Ok, now it’s opened and there is no cork. The sheathing covering the opening is metal. It’s a cheap $12 wine. I assure you this Action renders the bottle exactly as it looks in the photo—hopefully at some point I’ll add the originating photo to each Action.

    I have a Brunello and a few other wines here (all gifts) which I plan to do at some point. But they are so dark that you can’t see through the glass at all.

  • Newbie

    How do I colouring the bottle? The layer is locked. PS. I’m not expert to Photoshop

  • psdcovers

    The “wine colour” layer should not be locked so it may have become locked accidentally. To change the colour of the bottle simply double-click the “fx” icon on the right edge of the layer “wine colour” and change the colour that you see there. There are multiple layer effects such as Darken, Multiply, Hard Light etc that you will need to select to your liking.

    If you are very new to Photoshop you may want to read the following articles.

    Here is a small tutorial:

    Here is a more comprehensive post:

  • Newbie

    Thank you alot!! :) Please add more new stuff! ;)

  • inspiredmac

    The download gives me the PSDCovers-WINE001.atn but where do I get the bottle image? Is it created in the first step or two of the action playback? That’s what it looks like the tutorial is telling me. Thanks.

  • Guest

    i cant open this file:( help me plz

  • Tam. Truong

    i can’t open this file . Help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Tam. Truong

    me too. I cant open

  • psdcovers

    There is a tutorial section on the site.

  • quick question

    There is no “wine colour layer” in the action for this. I want to know how to change the wine color, and also how to change the bottle cap color.

  • psdcovers

    After you render STEP 2, count 7 layers up from the last layer (background) to find the “wine colour” layer.

  • Student

    Great stuff! Thanks for all your hard work to put such a site together!
    I Would love to see a craft beer bottle up sometime!

  • Ian

    Thanks for all your hard work, I really appreciate it.

  • Em

    I have designed my own label and cap design in the seperate ps file. After changing the design in the seperate label/cap file, do I just drag & drop that label design into the bottle file?

  • psdcovers

    Hi Em, I’m not exactly sure what this file you’re talking about is but I can walk you through the process really quickly:

    1) Clicking STEP 1 simply generates a PSD with a template to place all your artwork. I’ll assume that you are referring to this as your “seperate ps file”. People generally save this file rather than re-creating STEP 1 each time.

    2) With that template document still open, clicking STEP 2 will create a *new* PSD and render the bottle with the artwork you carefully placed into the template from STEP 1.

    If that was not clear, then watch the following tutorial:

    Hope that helps!


  • John

    Life saver.

  • Jake

    My favourite website. EVER!

  • WK

    Can anyone help me? What’s the dimensions for label and cap? I’m using Illustrator and I get fit the label as I want to

  • psdcovers

    Hi WK, the dimensions are in millimeters and then I multiply that by 24 to get ultra-HD resolution. If you render STEP 1 and perform a marque selection on the bottle cap template area you’ll get a dimension of 2328 x 792 pixels.

    Divided by 24 that gives us 97mm (3.8in) x 33mm (1.3in).

    Hope that helps.