About This PSD Mock-Up

TSHIRT002 is a mens cotton undershirt or with the sleeve caps. This Mock-up PSD renders a small 8×8 inch design onto the chest area and includes some colour layers for testing colours. This item is best displayed when combined with MANNEQUIN001 for presentation.

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Specs And Samples

File Format: PSD Action
Type: PSD, Graphics, Covers, Actions
Resolution: 6500x7300 | 300DPI
Filesize: 3.04 MB

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  • JL

    Error. Step 2
    Please help me…

  • psdcovers

    Here are the most common reasons:


    I’m going to take a guess and say that you rendered STEP 1 and then hid a few layers prior to rendering STEP 2. Read the link above for details.

  • Shannon

    Works perfectly, great job!

  • Lucas Zgoda

    There is no backs???

  • http://www.psdcovers.com/ psdcovers

    Not yet, some Actions are more difficult than others so I need to spread them around so I can remain sane.

  • Julie

    Look forward to the backs!

  • Jeff S. Levy

    In step 2 it says add color.. i guess shirt color. But how do you add color?

  • http://www.psdcovers.com/ psdcovers

    After the render is complete please review the resulting PSD and find the appropriate colour Layer and modify the colour as you see fit.

  • Eric D

    I see that step to says “add color” and i also see that in the comments you say add color after rendering is complete. However, The actions are complicated and I still do not know how to change the color of the Tshirt. I am left with a white tshirt.
    PSDcovers is an awesome website and to provide these freebie actions is amazing. Thank you and I hope am will be able to use them.