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Chisel Holder Vector EPS

Chisel In Holder (EPS)

The chisel holder has a loop at one end made of rubber and tightens around a punch or chisel. The function of the holder is to hold or grip the punch or chisel securely so the worker may grip the holder firmly while striking the punch or chisel with a hammer safely.

Ball Been Pean Hammer Vector EPS

Ball Peen Hammer (EPS)

The original function of the hammer was to peen riveted or welded material, which makes it as flexible as the surrounding metal. Today, the ball end of the hammer is used to cut gaskets, expand and shape the free end of copper roves, light rivets, and “set” rivets (which completes the joint).

Bonding Hammer Vector EPS

Bonding Hammer (EPS)

The bonding hammer has a striking head on one end and a cutting edge at the other. It weighs 1.134kg and is mounted on a hardwood handle and is securely wedged.