PSD Mockup Comic Book Template


COMICBOOK001 is a front view of a generic comic book. This PSD Mockup will render your 2D comic book cover art onto a standing, forward facing comic book product shot. Comic books come in many shapes and sizes, the most popular and recognizable of these is typically about 6.75in x 10.25in after they are trimmed down (the bleed get cut off). The trimming process varies from publisher to publisher which typically results in comics that are up to 4 millimetres wider, or taller, or BOTH, than the standard dimensions. This comic book action mockup takes an average of those variances to accomodate everyone.

Open Magazine Face Down Centerfold


MAG012 is a top down view of the back covers of a magazine. This PSD Mockup replicates a magazine open to the centerfold and facing down on a flat surface so that the back covers are pointing towards the sky. The spine of the magazine is clearly visible with minimal distortion whereas the front and back cover both curl upwards into the spine from the outer pages. This magazine is part of a small collection of views, some of which can be found here, here and here.



SOFTCOVER020 is a top-down view of an open softcover book. This PSD Mockup renders your 2D design onto both the left and right pages of an approximately 300 page softcover book. The final rendered PSD document contains multiple editable layers for modifying shadows and highlights of the softcover book for further customization.

PSD Mockup eBook Softcover Manual


SOFTCOVER019 renders a softcover product shot for your book design. This PSD Mockup allows any designer to render their artwork onto a 300 pages softcover product shot. The final render appears on a flat surface rotated to 45° with a view looking down at the product from 30°. The shadows and highlights cast around the mockup remain editable by the designer to customize their properties.