PSD Covers business card mockup front view looking down


BUSINESSCARD010 is a front and back business card combination.  This PSD Mockup renders your supplied artwork onto 2 cards that can display the front designs of 2 individual cards or the front and back view of the same business card. The final render is a frontal shot with a 30° angle looking down at the 2 cards.  A slight cast shadow exists behind the business cards which can be modified at any time through layer manipulation in Photoshop.  Highlights can also be modified and the area around the cards is transparent when the background layer is toggled off.



BUSINESSCARD009 is a set of 4 business cards measuring 88mm x 51mm (3.5 inches x 2 inches) each — business card dimensions around North America and Europe vary by just a few millimetres making the collection of cards on this site fairly compatible globally.  The PSD Mockup template renders 4 cards forming a slight arc from left to right, the viewing angle is straight forward and looking down from a 45° angle.  Once rendering is complete each card can be ordered independantly (be mindful to order the shadow layers as well).  The background can be made entirely transparent simply by toggling the visibility of the background layer itself.  Designers can choose to render 4 independant business card cover designs, the front and back of 2 sets or repeat the same set twice.



SOAPBOX005 represents a generic 4oz cardboard soap box.  This PSD Mockup applies sketches or client approved artwork on a soap box made of cardboard rendered face forward at 45 degrees — when complete, the final presentation looks down at your mockup from a 30° above. This mockup represents the mirror opposite of SOAPBOX001 and is provided in a fully layered and editable Photoshop document.  Highlights, shadows and background (which is transparent) can be fully modified to suit the needs of your product.

PSD Mockup Soap Box Rotated 30 Degrees


SOAPBOX004 is a standard 4oz soap box in generic packaging.  This PSD Mockup renders final designs or in-progress sketches on a generic cardboard soap box facing forward with at a slight 30 degree position — the final render also looks down from a 30° angle at the product shot. Once the render is completed you will find all the highlight, shadow and background layers are easily modifyable for your own purposes.



SOAPBOX003 is a forward facing generic 4oz soap box.  This PSD Mockup renders your sketched artwork or final design onto the top and front of a soap box facing directly forward— the final rendered view looks down onto the soap box from a 30 degree angle. The box is rendered as an unopened product with the end flaps of the soap box neatly sealed away from view. The final rendered shot is placed into a newly generated PSD with fully editable layers for modifying shadows, highlights and background.