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    bottle round packer 010
    BOTTLE-ROUND-PACKER-010 is a generic pharma round pill bottle mould. Your 2D brand design is applied to the label area of this product along its straight sides. This PSDCovers AR Mockup is put together as 168 pictures with each recognizable as a variable product view. About This Bottle Mockup This pharma round mould is made from HDPE polypropylene plastic and is fully opaque.  This product mockup features a large ribbed cap for easy access to the internal contents (not removable by the designer). This 600mL product measures 156mm high and 80mm wide with an induction lined cap. This pharma round is generally found on store shelves sold with vitamin or diet pills.  This mockup does not feature a child proof cap. How It Works Open Photoshop, use PSDCovers to pick from any of 168 existing BOTTLE-ROUND-PACKER-010 product renders.  In practice, you'll just need to create a single artboard for this pharma round product which is then affixed to any favored degree.  Whether your provisioned piece is a PS label, wrap label, spot label, sticker print or silk screening it will be squarely affixed to the side. Regardless of which view is used, the finalized aftereffect is an tailored PS mockup. Feel free to adapt the fully clear background scene or use your own or quickly replace the colour.  Not to mention, replicated product shine from the light source are incorporated. Optionally, you could also produce a 360° mp4 of this pharma round or as a rotating AR experience using our player.  Click the Spinnable Sample button top right to view the BOTTLE-ROUND-PACKER-010.
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    bottle round packer 011
    BOTTLE-ROUND-PACKER-011 adds your final 2D presentation around this spinnable straight sided pill bottle. This PSDCovers AR Mockup is assembled 168 pictures with each as a visual of a variable product angle. About This Bottle Mockup This product is spinnable when played with our embedable AR player. This straight sided pill bottle packer is made from HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene).  Your round packer product design wraps around the straight sides just below the high shoulder. Your design is represented by a product which holds 250mL worth of pills. Additionally, this product stands 112mm high and 61mm wide and features a child resistant cap. How It Works Once you launch Photoshop, open PSDCovers and pick from one of 168 existing BOTTLE-ROUND-PACKER-011 product views.  You will only have to create a single landscape design to cover the entire surface. With the completed design open in Photoshop, simply run STEP 2 for this product to render your mockup.  Your final design can simulate a sticker print, silk screening, wrap label or spot label. Regardless of which bottle view you select, the finished result is an editable multi-layered mockup. Feel free to edit the fully translucent background scene or select your own or simply modify the colour.  Not to mention, replicated product highlights from the photo booth lights are included. Alternatively, you could also render a 360° movie of this straight sided wide mouth packer or as a spinnable AR experience with our embeddable player.  Press the Spinnable Sample button above to spin the BOTTLE-ROUND-PACKER-011.
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    bottle round packer 009
    BOTTLE-ROUND-PACKER-009 is a standard round packer bottle typically found on store shelves in Pharmacies.  This AR Mockup applies your 2D design on the label area of this straight sided wide mouth packer. If your project requires a bottle for vitamins or nutritional supplements then mockup fits that requirement. About This Bottle Mockup This product is an AR Mockup which you can embed into your own web page.  You can spin this mockup by using the sample button on this page.  Round packer pill bottles are generally straight sided with a wide mouth.  Held in your hand, this 1L product stands 180mm high and 91mm wide with a continuous-thread neck finish under the cap. As a finished product, this packer is made from HDPE plastic high density polyethylene. How It Works Launch Photoshop, use PSDCovers to pick from one of 168 possible BOTTLE-ROUND-PACKER-009 product angles.  In practice, you will just need to create a single template for this straight sided wide mouth packer product which is applied to any selected degree.  Whether your defined layout is a spot label, sticker print, silk screening, PS label or wrap label it will be directly applied to the product. Regardless of which view is selected, the prepared sequence is an editable PSD mockup. Feel free to customize the fully transparent background or pick your own or handily select another the colour.  Also, replicated product highlights from the light source are provided. Alternatively, you may also produce a 360° movie of this straight sided wide mouth packer or as a spinnable AR experience using our html player.  Press the Spinnable Sample button above right to view the BOTTLE-ROUND-PACKER-009.
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    Protein Canister Mockup
    canister protein 001
    Download this AR Mockup and start showcasing your protein canister designs today.   You will spend more time refining your designs and less on generating mockups.  How is this done?  PSDCovers AR Mockup offers 168 quality images taken from many viewing angles.  PSDCovers effortlessly combines your 2D artwork with these images.   Your clients will be able to interact with your designs when they see it on a rotating virtual mockup. About This Protein Canister Mockup This virtual mockup is a series of photos of this plastic jar.  This tall, large-sized jar is made of opaque HDPE plastic. Also, this product has a wide mouth, high shoulder, curved bottom, and narrow flat base. Finally, a matte white ribbed plastic cap tops this product.  Held in hand, this 2.4L product measures 233mm high and 130mm in diameter. This versatile product is used as packaging in the health and pharmaceutical industries.  It features a large area for labeling to help your customers recognize your brand. How It Works PSDCovers is a panel extension that is easily installed in Photoshop.   Using PSDCovers, choose from any of the 168 views of this protein canister.    Next, PSDCovers will create the AR template. Following this, you will place your artwork on the AR template.  Then click a button. PSDCovers will render your artwork to the view you picked. Moreover, PSDCovers offers many rendering styles like matte, bright, semi-gloss, gloss, and high-gloss. This allows you to control the highlights on the mockup.  In the end, PSDCovers delivers an editable multi-layered PSD of your graphic project. It is as simple as that!  Subscribe today and get access to all our mockups! Moreover, AR Mockups are output using different formats. On one hand, you can create a static mockup using a single view.  Also, you can create a YouTube ready MP4 360° video of many views. Or, you can create a spinnable virtual mockup of all 168 views, previewed on a web player. Check it out for yourself!  Click the Spinnable Sample button to preview this virtual mockup.