PSD Mockup Shopping Grocery Paper Bag quarter view


PAPERBAG002 is a generic paper bag from food supermarket. This PSD Mockup applies rough sketches or final artwork to be presented onto an empty shopping bag with handles made of paper. This cover action renders your shopping bag design almost instantly allowing you to generate multiple iterations and revisions for presentation a painless process. The resulting render is presented at a 30° angle, stands facing forward, and is provided in a new PSD document with multiple layers. The editable layers make it easy to reduce the highlight intensity, add new shadows or add a custom background. This full-sized paper bag has a volume equivalent to 22 litres (5.8 gallons). The paper handle texture is automatically generated, however, you can add your own texture pattern in the provided template. (more…)

PSD Mockup Shopping Grocery Paper Bag three quarter view


PAPERBAG001 is a standard grocery paper bag typically found at most food supermarkets.  This PSD Mockup renders your preliminary sketches or proposed artwork onto a standing 3/4 view of an empty shopping bag with handles.  The Cover Action for this 22 litre (5.8 gallon) bag makes rendering your client’s new supermarket shopping bag designs as painless as possible.  The final result is presented in a new Photoshop document complete with groups, masks and layers with all layer effects fully intact and ready for further modifications (such as removing the shadows or increasing the highlights).  A paper handle with a single texture and colour is automatically generated, however, designers can easily add a layer effect to the paper handle for the pupose of adding their own colour. (more…)



CAN032 is an above shot looking down on a steel paint can mockup at 45°.  This Cover Action represents the 3rd set in the paint can series which also includes the 1 gallon (3,78L) and the 32oz (946mL) steel cans. This PSD Mockup applies your 2D sketch or finalized artwork onto the 236mL (8oz US Half Pint) paint can’s product lable for showcasing or including your designs in a marketing presentation.  The paint can is rendered with the lid closed (not removable, does not display paint product inside) and presented on a pure white background with a minimal amount of shading at the base of the can.  All highlights, shadows and the background itself can be modified by the designer after the rendering is complete.



CAN031 is a forward facing top-view steel paint can. This PSD Mockup applies your sketched or final 2D artwork directly to the label area on this 8oz (US Half Pint) paint can for client presentations, marketing material or simply showcasing your design. The paint can is rendered with  sealed lid, all highlights and shadows are rendered to individual layers and placed in a new PSD file which you can continue to edit and customized.  The background, shown here in white, can be toggled off to reveal a fully transparent background and ready for the placement of your own backdrop.

PSD 8oz Paint Can 1 US Half Pint Mockup


CAN030 is a front facing paint can mockup.  This PSD Mockup of a US Half Pint (8oz) steel can will render your design onto the paint can surface for the purpose of showcasing your design mockup on a glossy 3D product shot.  The paint can is rendered facing forward but can be made to appear as if it was rotated to the back or to either side simply by shifting the position of your design in the template prior to rendering the final. All assets are rendered out to a multiple layered document that can be further modified to adjust highlights, shadows and background (which is transparent).