About This PSD Mock-Up

002 is a generic 900ml or conditioner with the camera pointed at its centre. Cap and color can be modified after the render and can also be made to have the design rendered directly on the or on a film wrapped around the bottle. The brightness of the bottle can also be adjusted to make it lighter or darker.

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Specs And Samples

File Format: PSD Action
Type: PSD, Graphics, Covers, Actions
Resolution: 3216x6500 | 300DPI
Width: 85mm
Height: 213mm
Volume: 900
Filesize: 58.39 kB

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  • DrawBabyDraw

    can’t figure out how to change the color of the bottle itself… can you help please?

  • psdcovers

    Hi, yes I can help!

    After rendering STEP 2 please review the layers which were generated in your result PSD layers palette. You will find a layer called “bottle colour (option)” which is toggle off. Turn it on to view the sample colour — edit the layer styles property to change the colour overlay to your liking.

  • DrawBabyDraw

    Love your work- helps me display mine in the most flattering way! do you take requests for mockups? paper bags? skincare packaging? I would love to see those!

  • psdcovers

    No requests, I’m just too busy with my startup. But I do make note of suggestions and add them to my list. However, I do happen have paper bags on the list and I should be starting one tomorrow.

  • Craig Fine

    I am looking for a bottle I can use for a BBQ sauce? Do you have anything like that?
    Loving your PSD Actions, theses are a lot of fun.

  • psdcovers

    Not yet but it’s a good idea. I’ll add it to the list.

  • Hamza

    He won`t open when i click on it.

  • psdcovers
  • digger

    Is there a way to make the bottle appear as if it has liquid contents, I have changed the bottle colour, which works, but it tinges the text on the label with the same colour

  • psdcovers

    Hi Digger, you would need to make the container slightly translucent by modifying the opacity of the layer (while adding the fluid simulation beneath that layer). This may apply to the label design as well and include any customized changes that you added which I am unaware of.

    Hope that helps.


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