About This ERROR

Write to Cache Folder


The panel appears non-fucntional and is displaying the error Write to Cache Folder.

Why am I seeing this error?

There is an issue with the cache folder on your local hard drive.  This error can be triggered by multiple factors such as:

  1. The cache folder itself is not writable and therefore the panel is unable to cache files.
  2. Incorrect user permissions are set on the cache folder.
  3. The cache folder does not exist.

In rare cases the cache folder is not created during the installation process because the installer did not have enough permissions to create it.


The solution is to create a cache folder if it is missing …

  • Instructions for verifying and creating a missing cache folder can be found in this post.

If the cache folder does exist, be sure your current user permissions allow you to write to the cache folder.  If they don’t then you will need to modify the permissions on the folder manually.