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    container wipes 001
    CONTAINER-WIPES-001 AR Mockup renders your preliminary 2D layout properly on the defined area of this exportable wide mouth round jar. This PSDCovers AR Mockup is animated by 168 shots with each as a variable product perspective. About This Container Mockup Shown above as a rasterized mockup, in truth, this wide mouth round jar is made from high density polyethylene plastic.  Moreover, this wide mouth round jar has no neck or shoulder surface. Held in hand, this product holds a modest sheet count of approximately 25 sheets. Tall and thin, it measures 214mm high by 84mm wide and fitted with a flip top closure. Lastly, the label area covers the entire surface from the shoulder to the heel. How It Works While in Photshop, use PSDCovers and choose from one of 168 existing CONTAINER-WIPES-001 product angles.  Typically, you will only have to spend time making a single artboard for this wide mouth round jar product which is overlayed to any settled upon perspective.  Whether your defined layout is a wrap label, spot label, sticker print, silk screening or PS label it will be properly overlayed to the container. Regardless of which container view is decided upon, the polished outcome is an multi-layered Adobe Photoshop mockup. Feel free to adapt the fully clear background layer or include your own or simply modify the colour.  Moreover, necessary product highlights from the photo shoot LEDs are enclosed. Alternatively, you may also produce a 360° movie of this wide mouth round jar or as a exportable VR experience with our html player.  Click the Spinnable Sample button top right to spin the CONTAINER-WIPES-001.
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    Protein Canister Mockup
    canister protein 001
    Download this AR Mockup and start showcasing your protein canister designs today.   You will spend more time refining your designs and less on generating mockups.  How is this done?  PSDCovers AR Mockup offers 168 quality images taken from many viewing angles.  PSDCovers effortlessly combines your 2D artwork with these images.   Your clients will be able to interact with your designs when they see it on a rotating virtual mockup. About This Protein Canister Mockup This virtual mockup is a series of photos of this plastic jar.  This tall, large-sized jar is made of opaque HDPE plastic. Also, this product has a wide mouth, high shoulder, curved bottom, and narrow flat base. Finally, a matte white ribbed plastic cap tops this product.  Held in hand, this 2.4L product measures 233mm high and 130mm in diameter. This versatile product is used as packaging in the health and pharmaceutical industries.  It features a large area for labeling to help your customers recognize your brand. How It Works PSDCovers is a panel extension that is easily installed in Photoshop.   Using PSDCovers, choose from any of the 168 views of this protein canister.    Next, PSDCovers will create the AR template. Following this, you will place your artwork on the AR template.  Then click a button. PSDCovers will render your artwork to the view you picked. Moreover, PSDCovers offers many rendering styles like matte, bright, semi-gloss, gloss, and high-gloss. This allows you to control the highlights on the mockup.  In the end, PSDCovers delivers an editable multi-layered PSD of your graphic project. It is as simple as that!  Subscribe today and get access to all our mockups! Moreover, AR Mockups are output using different formats. On one hand, you can create a static mockup using a single view.  Also, you can create a YouTube ready MP4 360° video of many views. Or, you can create a spinnable virtual mockup of all 168 views, previewed on a web player. Check it out for yourself!  Click the Spinnable Sample button to preview this virtual mockup.
  • PSD Mockup Protein Powder Container 81oz
    PSD Mockup standing WHEY Protein Powder Container
    CONTAINER004 is a 2.5 quart (2.4L) container typically used for food products, in this case the cannister simulates a product typically found in use by sports enthusiasts who consume protien powders.  This PSD Mockup renders your final artwork or early stage sketches onto a standing cannister with a bird's eye view looking down at 45°.  The background, shown here in white, can be toggled off revealing the full transparency around the container for custom backgrounds.  The container itself is rendered as solid white with gradients but comes with a few colour samples for the plastic lid and plastic body.  Shadows and highlights are also fully editable after the final render allowing the designer to continue adding details beyond what this mockup provides.
  • PSD Mockup Above View Protein Powder Container 81oz
    PSD Mockup Above View ISO Energy Powder Container 2.4L
    CONTAINER003 is a standard plastic cannister capable of holding 2.4L (2.5 quart) of product. This PSD Mockup renders a designer's sketch or finalized artwork onto a standing, forward facing container with a view looking down on the product from a slight angle. This container, modelled after cannisters typically used to sell WHEY protein powder products, will be rendered to a new PSD with all the shape layers and effects such as highlights and shadows intact. Designer's can freely modify the resulting layers to suit their own needs including the removable of the white background layer. The colour of the container lid as well as the whole cannister can also be manipulated to be something other than the default white.
  • PSD Mockup Protein Powder Container 81oz
    PSD Mockup standing WHEY Protein Powder Container
    CONTAINER002 is a plastic, 2.5 quart (2.4L), workout protein container facing directly forward.  This PSD Mockup renders the supplied artwork onto the design lable which wraps around the entire whey protein cannister typically used by sports enthusiasts as a food suppliment. The final render presents the container as a standing product which faces directly forward with light sources from the left and right side.  Visually, the product is rendered to appear as if it is at eye level with the viewer. The completed mockup is rendered to a new PSD where all the elements, layer effects and shadows remain editable by the designer.  The background can also be toggled off if transparentcy around the container is desired.
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    PSD Mockup Protein Powder Container 81oz
    PSD Mockup standing WHEY Protein Powder Container
    CONTAINER001 is a standing plastic protein container with an internal volume of 2.4L (2.5 quarts).  This particular PSD Mockup replicates a popular canister size used to sell protein whey powder products to body builders.  By volume, this container simulates a 1kg (81oz or 1030g) product.  The final rendered mockup has a slight upward angle from the base of the canister suggesting the product is mighty, and that it is the leader in the product's category. The generated Photoshop document sports multiple layers allowing the designer to continue to easily manipulate resources for their own particular scenario.  The cap and body of the protein canister can also have their colour changed through existing layers which are hidden by default.
  • Blank Bleach Javel Bottle Cover Action PSD
    Blank Bleach Javel Bottle Cover Action PSD
    BOTTLE006 is a blank generic bleach bottle capable of holding 5.38L of fluid. This PSD Mockup of a detergent bottle was photographed straight on with the camera positioned near the mid-height of the bottle. This bottle shape is mostly associated with bleach products such as Clorox and Lavo but has also been used for Javel.
  • Mockup Fabric Softener PSD Cover Action Bottle
    Mockup Fabric Softener PSD Cover Action Bottle
    BOTTLE005 is a blank generic fabric softener bottle capable of storing 1.95L of fabric softener. This PSD Mockup is a straight on view with the camera slightly lowered and looking up at a very subtle angle. Sample layers for changing the colour of the bottle or cap are included in the final render.
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    Blank Aspirin Pill Medicine Bottle PSD Cover Action
    Blank Aspirin Pill Medicine Bottle PSD Cover Action
    BOTTLE003 is a front facing shot of a large anti-headache medicine bottle that holds 144 liquid capsules. This PSD Mockup pill bottle has roughly the same dimensions as a soda can, so it's big, the designer's artwork is rendered onto the pill bottle and presented in a newly created Photoshop document for the designer so they can manually make further edits to the shadows and highlights if desired.
  • Blank Shampoo Bottle Cover Action PSD
    Blank Shampoo Bottle Cover Action PSD
    BOTTLE002 is a generic 900ml shampoo or conditioner bottle with the camera pointed at its centre. This PSD Mockup has a cap and bottle color which can be modified after the render and can also be made to have the design rendered directly on the bottle or on a plastic film wrapped around the bottle. The brightness of the bottle can also be adjusted to make it lighter or darker.
  • Blank Tube PSD Cover Action Lotion Cream
    Blank Tube PSD Cover Action Lotion Cream
    TUBE001 is a front view shot of a 240ml tube commonly used to sell shaving cream, hand lotion, toothpaste, sun screen (sun block), moisturizing creams to name a few. The cap color for this PSD Mockup can be changed by the designer after the render.
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    2L Soda Pop Bottle template
    2L Soda Pop Bottle template
    BOTTLE001 is a full frontal shot of a 2L pop bottle. This action contains sample drink colours, sample plastic bottle colour and a sample cap colour so that you can easily discover how to modify the materials on this object and create your own combinations.
  • Blank CD DVD ROM BluRay Jewel Case
    Blank CD DVD ROM BluRay Jewel Case
    cddvd case002
    CDDVDCASE002 is a 30° angle shot of a CD, DVD portrait mode jewel case which can be used to make a PSD CD case of any music, video or HD movie box cover. This PSD Mockup presents your 2D artwork as a fully rendered 3D product shot of a CD or DVD case facing forward at a slight 30 degree angle.  The gerneated photoshop document contains multiple editable layers for further manual modifications.
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    Blank CD DVD ROM BluRay Jewel Case
    Blank CD DVD ROM BluRay Jewel Case
    bluray case002
    BLURAYCASE002 is a 30° angle shot of a BluRay Disc Jewel case which can be used to make a PSD DVD case of any BluRay movie disc product. This PSD Mockup applies your 2D designs for a BluRay movie design onto a translucent blue plastic case for presenting your designs. The final Photoshop document which is generated through the use of this Action contains multiple editable layers to further refine your designs.