Our book mockup generator for Photoshop renders notebooks, commercial trade paperbacks, and consumer hardbound books in seconds. Find glossy spiral binding, stationery pads, sketchbooks, journals, notepads, planners, kraft paper, perfect binding, and other customizable book mockups with paperboard.

The book branding mockups are divided below into retail products for online mockup browsing. Each license free notebook mockup features a customizable template rendered using the PSDCovers mockup generator. Take your commercial designs or product designs and place it into the PSD mockup template to render your packaging high-angle or eye-level mockups in seconds.

  • PSD Covers Landscape Stationery Note Pad
    Landscape Notepad PSD Mockup Front Page
    STATIONERYPAD014 presents your stationery pad cover sheet design or sketch drawing on a landscape oriented notepad.  This PSD Mockup is a proxy for a generic A4 sketchpad which can be torn from the binding strip along the top edge of the product.  This mockup renders your supplied artwork on a product that is showcased at 45 degrees with a 30-degree downward angle.  Highlights and shadows are not fully baked into the final rendering but are supplied as readily editable layers in the resulting Photoshop document.  The background layer, shown as white, can be toggled off to reveal the transparent feature allowing for custom backdrops to be added to your unique layout.
  • PSD Covers Landscape Stationery Note Pad
    Landscape Notepad PSD Mockup Front Page
    STATIONERYPAD013 displays your new front cover design for a notepad or sketchpad product standing on its left edge.  This PSD Mockup has a slight 30° rotation and faces forward and to the right, while the view of the product itself looks down onto the product from above. The shadows included in this mockup are entirely modifiable post-rendering to appear lighter or darker depending on your needs.  The background, like all our products, offers a fully transparent mode that can be enabled simply by toggling off the background layer.
  • PSD Covers Landscape Stationery Note Pad
    Landscape Notepad PSD Mockup Front Page
    STATIONERYPAD012 is an A4 portrait mode sketch pad positioned on its side.  This mockup renders your stationery pad design onto a product that appears in landscape mode. Once rendered, the provided PSD comes with modifiable shadows and background layers. This proxy sketch pad represents a brand new pad product facing forward and displaying the cover sheet of the product.  The spine of the product can be branded during the template design creation process.
  • PSD Covers Standing Stationery Note Pad
    Notepad PSD Mockup Front Page
    STATIONERYPAD011 stands unopened and facing right while displaying your artwork prominently on the front cover.  This Mockup renders any supplied design onto the front of a brand new stationery notepad which appears upright casting a light shadow ahead of itself.  The final render includes a heavy cardboard and sheet paper texture which is automatically rendered on the side of the pad.  Adjusting the colour of the paper texture or the intensity of the included shadows is easily performed through the layer effects. This is a standard stationery pad measuring roughly 11.75 x 8.5 in and simulates the thickness of a product with 100 pages.
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    PSD Covers Standing Stationery Note Pad
    Front Cover Upright Note Pad PSD Covers
    STATIONERYPAD010 is a forward-facing sketch pad for rendering your latest notepad cover design.  This PSD mockup applies your design to the front cover of a standing notepad stationery product presented in portrait mode.  This stationery mockup can simulate a product with a sheet cover or with the cover torn off revealing the lined paper pattern beneath.  The notepad is rendered at a slight 30° angle, and while facing forward happens to reveal the left edge of the product.  The stationery proxy represents an item with approximately 100 pages measuring 11.75 inches by 8.5 inches with a thick cardboard backing.  Highlight and shadow layers are provided on individually manipulatable layers for further customization after rendering is complete.
  • PSD Covers Standing Stationery Note Pad
    PSD Covers Stationery Note Pad Front Mockup
    STATIONERYPAD009 is a front cover view of a notepad PSD mockup facing forward. This PSD Mockup renders your supplied design and artwork directly to the front cover of a typical office supply stationery pad. The mockup is rendered in the upright position showcasing its natural portrait orientation. This mockup is a proxy for a notepad measuring 11.75 in by 8.5 in and containing 100 sheets of lined sketch paper. The upper binding edge can be replaced with your own design as well. Shadows and highlights are provided within the final rendered PSD and can be further modified to suit your requirements.
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    PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine side view
    PSD Mockup side view moleskine mighty deals
    NOTEBOOK008 is a Moleskine notebook side view with a centrefold presentation. This PSD mockup presents your 2D designs on a Moleskine notebook opened to the middle section and laying on a flat surface. The Moleskine is rendered with a view from the left side looking down on the notebook from a 30° angle looking downward across the centrefold. Great way to showcase napkin sketches as if they were sketched on an actual Moleskine.
  • PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine 45 degrees
    PSD Mockup 45 degrees view moleskine mighty deals
    NOTEBOOK007 is an Actionscript for rendering your 2D designs or sketches onto a 45° Moleskine notebook mockup. The resulting PSD mockup presents your artwork on a notebook Moleskine which is resting on a flat surface with its pages facing upward. The Moleskine is viewed from a 30° downward angle with an optionally removable stretch band. Designers can modify the shadows and highlights by editing the layer effects for these elements in the resulting PSD that this Actionscript generates.
  • PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine 30 degrees
    PSD Mockup 30 degrees view moleskine mighty deals
    NOTEBOOK006 renders sketched artwork onto a Moleskine notebook for presentation as a digital resource. This PSD mockup will apply your 2D art or scanned sketches on a 30° view of a open Moleskine on a solid surface. The Moleskine is viewed from above at a 30° downward angle and comes with a removable elastic band typically used to bookmark a specific page or keep the notebook closed.
  • PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine notebook
    PSD Mockup notebook moleskine mighty deals
    NOTEBOOK005 is a Moleskine product mockup for presenting hand-drawn sketches inline to blog posts, marketing materials or presentations. This PSD mockup maps your 2d artwork to a Moleskine notebook placed facing up on a flat surface. The Moleskine is facing forward and has a view looking down at the notebook from 30° downward. The elastic band is easily removed.
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    PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine side view
    PSD Mockup side view moleskine mighty deals
    NOTEBOOK004 is a hardcover Moleskine notebook opened to the centre page. This PSD mockup applies your 2D sketches or designs onto the left and right pages of this Moleskine notebook. The final render is from the left side of the notebook which is laying on a flat surface and opened as if to display its contents. This mockup is great for presenting scanned napkin sketches done at a café as if you had done them in the Moleskine.
  • PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine 45 degrees
    PSD Mockup 45 degrees view moleskine mighty deals
    NOTEBOOK003 is an auto-generated mockup for simulating an open Moleskine notebook at 45°. This PSD mockup will render your 2D art material on a 45° view of a Moleskine positioned on a flat surface and open to the centre of the book. The hardcover Moleskine is a view from a 45° downward and has a removable stretch band that acts as a bookmark. The cover of the Moleskine is facing down and is therefore not visible in this mockup.
  • PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine 3 quarter view
    PSD Mockup 3 quarter view moleskine mighty deals
    NOTEBOOK002 is a PSD mockup for simulating Moleskine layouts. This PSD mockup apply's your 2d artwork to a three-quarter view of a Moleskine notebook placed, hardcover down, on a solid white canvas and presented in a centrefold fashion. The Moleskine sports a 45° downward view and comes with a removable elastic band, the front and back hardcover portions of the Moleskine are not visible in this shot (other than for the extreme edges).
  • PSD Mockup hardcover moleskine sketch notebook
    PSD Mockup hardcover blank moleskine sketch notebook
    NOTEBOOK001 is a blank Moleskine notebook mockup for presenting sketches. This PSD mockup renders your 2d designs or scanned artwork onto a Moleskine notebook laying on a flat surface opened to the middle pages. The Moleskine is facing directly forward with a 45° downward view with a removable elastic band.
  • PSD Mockup Office Open Stationary Sketch Note Pad
    PSD Mockup Open Office Stationary Lined Sketch Pad
    STATIONERYPAD008 is an open stationery notepad for presentations or reports. This PSD Mockup will apply your 2D designs to a pre-recorded product shot of a stationery pad laying on a flat surface for use in showcases, marketing presentations, school projects and more. The final rendered product comes with editable Layers that the designer can use to modify elements such as page colour, shadow and highlights.

PSDCovers Magazine Mockup Mag001