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Looking for PSD ? We have those. The following post is a summary of what this site offers to give new visitors to the site more compressed information on a single page.

What we do is convert our generic product photography shots into Photoshop . Period. That’s our niche. If you need a generic mug, soda can, book, iPad or even a blank cereal then you found the right place. Our will recreate the product shot using Photoshop’s built in and in the process will take your 2D design/artwork and render it onto the result. That means if you design milk cartons for a living you can now concentrate on your designs and let our PSD render the carton and designs for you automatically.

Our goal is to save you time. The following is a partial list of products in our catalog—be sure to visit the site often as we add new Actions every few days. If you want more specifics on how exactly the entire process works we have a tutorial located here, it does a good job of explaining how our photoshop cover actions work. You can alternatively simply watch the video above this post to get a general idea as well.


So lets run through some the kinds of generic products we offer on this site starting with our blank hardcover novel PSD suite. We have a wide range of which can render your novel/novella or book.

Hardcover novel book template

Download hardcovers


How about blank paperback book that generate a fully editable multi-layered graphic PSD file? These can help you to promote your new novel on your or in printed materials such as newspapers, newsletters or popular publications. Our Photoshop cover actions can automatically generate a rendering of your book cover in various positions to promote your novella on your . These are free psd file downloads for you to use for private and commercial use! Free of any royalties.

Paperback novel book PSD template

Download Paperbacks


We also have DVD BluRay Jewel cases, and blank CDs for designers. These PSD Actions are great for creating mockups for music CDs, movie DVDs, movie BluRay packaging, software disk sets with jewel cases or operating system disks. Graphic designers can also apply their designs for anti-virus software designs, for game disks like Wolfenstein or Crysis. Or perhaps you are an online retailer and want to showcase all your products in exactly the same angle product shot.

Blank DVD BluRay CD PSD template

Download CD DVD and BluRay


Our Blank Magazine PSD cover action templates are also available for download. These can be rendered to display your weekly or monthly magazine publication to showcase on your site or use as a PDF download icon. This cover action for magazine creation shares a very common aspect ratio to many graphic novels and manual publications so is much more versatile than being used only for magazines.

Magazine publication manual PSD template

Download Magazines


Need a blank cylinder soda can? Our aluminium soda pop cans are unprinted and ready to have your own design artwork applied. These cans are rendered to realistically represent your product as a commercially sold sodacan. Our carbonated soda drink cans are perfect for your presentations or web site to showcase your artwork or carbonated cola drink product.

Blank Soda Pop Aluminum PSD Can

Download Soda Cans


Blank Cereal box official PSD graphic Cover Actions for rendering your cereal design or artwork. These boxes can be used to render your Wheaties or Cheerios cereal box designs for use in print or on your website for display purposes. We have multiple cover action angles to give your product visibility from various sides. The cereal box top in this cover action is removable after the render. This allows the box to be used for products other than just cereal such as blank software box PSDs. Royalty free.

Cereal box software PSD template

Download Cereal Box


Isolated Blank white mug official PSD cover action great for graphic decals, coffee, and other template needs. Graphic designers and artists can save hours of work creating these mug shots (mugshots?) by having these high resolution Adobe PS Actions render their designs directly onto the mug in seconds. Give your beverage the PSD cover action treatment and render a shiny ceramic finish, includes soft shadow!

Blank white ceramic mug PSD template

Download Mug

All Actions are zipped atn files and are original creations. We start by taking all the products you find on this site and we create all the photos in our photo studio. Then we generate Adobe Photoshop Cover Actions from the photographs taking care to use only generically identifiable products (ie, soda can, cereal box, magazine etc but not directly identifiable as belonging to a particular company or entity). Once that process is done we add the capability of rendering your 2D graphic design or artwork to the product so you can use it to promote your own work.

What this translates to is that all Cover Actions on this site are wholly created, and owned by us. The benefit to you is you can be confident knowing you are not infringing on someone else’s photography or style, we documented our process here. Under the Creative Commons license we choose for our Actions you are prohibited from modifying our Photoshop Actions but you are 100% permitted to use the rendered results for personal and commercial use purposes, royalty free.

We also have Apple iPads, many carton products, concentrate juice cans and more.

PRO TIP: Need more angles? Just place your textures on these actions in reverse and then flip the resulting file horizontally or vertically to get an different angle. In many cases you can simply rotate the result to make the object appear to be laying on the surface rather than standing up (you will need to move the shadow).

Other items on this site incude: Free Blank Cover Action Design Template for DVD BluRay, Hardcover Paperback Book Novel, CD Jewel Case Magazine. Also 2L litre Carton Soda Pop Apple iPad And all free for download. More Photoshop Actions are added every few days!

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