psdcovers laying down hardbound book mockup


HARDBOUND008 is a front facing children’s hardcover book.  This PSD Mockup will apply your final designs or early stage proposal artwork onto a children’s hardcover book which is facing forward with a view looking down on the book from 45°.  The book appears to be laying on a flat surface due to the white background and shadow placement, however the shadows can be modified or removed and the background can be toggled off to reveal that the hardcover book floats on a fully transparent canvas.  Designers can choose to place their own background if a white or transparent one is not desired — the highlights are fully editable and can be increased or decreased or removed entirely from the book mockup. The book’s thickness represents about 100 pages (200 double-sided pages).

psdcovers laying down 90° hardbound book mockup


HARDBOUND007 is a hardcover children’s book with a visible crease along the spine.  This PSD Mockup renders your prepared sketches or final artwork onto a closed hardcover book laying on a fat surface.  The white backdrop can be toggled off to reveal a fully transparent background ready for your own custom image — the book’s highlights and shadows can also be modified to appear brighter or darker based on your particular needs. This hardcover book is rendered at 90° counter clockwise to its normal orientation and thus appears in landscape mode once rendering is complete. The final render appears with a top-down view at 45° with the book’s spine and cover in plain view — the pages of the book are not visible in this product mockup.

psdcovers laying down 30° hardbound book mockup


HARDBOUND006 is a child’s hardcover book rendered at 30° on a flat surface.  This PSD mockup renders your artwork or conceptual designs onto a product shot of a closed children’s book on a flat surface with the spine still in partial view.  The white background can be disabled to reveal the transparency around the mockup or it can be swapped out for your own background design.  The highlights and shadows are also editable in order to lighten or darken them to suit your particular needs.  Children’s hardcover books are generally simpler in design and as such the design applied to the cover will be repeated on the back cover as well — therefore to avoid any unnecessary repetition it is recommended that your design around the edges of your artwork be generic.  Any text or complex patterns will be visibly repeated an can look out of place.

psdcovers laying down 45° hardbound book mockup


HARDBOUND005 is a hardcover children’s book laying on a flat surface.  This PSD Mockup applies the designer’s supplied artwork to a hardbound book representing a thickness of approximately 200 pages.  The book is laying down on the surface at 45° with the spine of the book in clear view — the book is rendered to appear closed.  Shadows and highlights as well as a generic white background are supplied in the generated PSD file and can be modified to increase or decrease the intensity of the shadows or highlights.  The flat white background can be toggled off or replaced with the designer’s own artwork.  The cover design for this hardcover book is repeated on the inside back cover of the book — to avoid visible repetition it is recommended that major design elements used on the cover design do not extend completely to the edges of the template (extending the basic color or texture of the book is desirable).

psdcovers standing hardbound book mockup


HARDBOUND004 is a standing hardcover children’s book rendered from the front at 30°.  This PSD Mockup renders the supplied artwork or sketches onto the hardbound book.  The book is rendered in portrait mode, standing facing forward with a slight upward angle as if to suggest this book is the authoritative children’s story book.  This hardcover book stands 8.25 inches tall (210mm, 21cm) and 5.5 inches wide (143mm, 14.3cm) and represents a book with 200 pages.  The supplied cover design is reused to render the inside back cover of the book — leaving some space around the edge of your design will prevent the design from repeating to the back cover.