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Player Introduction

What is the player?

The Player is an HTML solution we provide to embed animated AR mockups in your web pages. It is esentially a javascript engine that displays the rendered views of AR mockups or your own custom images in one three preconfigured modes:

  • interactive: users can drag their mouse arounf to spin the mockups and view it from all angles
  • auto spin: the mockup will continuously spin on an axis
  • slideshow: include custom images and links to your playlist

How much does it cost?

As long as the Player source js source is not modified, it is completely free to use. Furthermore, there are no restrictions in sharing your pages with our Player embedded.

Where can I get the player?

Everything you need to install and run the Player on your web page can be cut and paste from this page.

How do I get started?

Although the Player is easy to install and configure, it does require working knowledge of HTML and CSS. You do NOT need to know javascript other than modifying some configuration parameters that control the Player behaviour and setting up the events that launch the Player. Additionally, if you’re working with a full featured web sight, you will require write access to the source HTML files. If you’re working on a simple single page html file, a basic text editor will be sufficient.

briefly intro how to embed Player section
if you can edit css you can do this
we are providing downloadable Player samples at the bottom of this post