About This ERROR

HTML Output Folder Not Empty


You are attempting to export a Spinnable player and were greeted with the error HTML Output Folder Not Empty.

Why am I seeing this error?

Whenever an AR Mockup is rendered as a spinnable player the panel exports all the rendered images and html files to a folder on your Desktop.  This folder has the same name of the mockup and is appended with the selected resolution. For example:

  • CONTAINER-CLEANER-001 960×540

HTML Output Folder Not Empty means that the panel has detected that a folder for the mockup you wish to export already exists on your Desktop.


Go to the Desktop on your Mac or Windows computer and try the following:

  1. Rename the existing Spinnable player folder.
  2. Move the existing Spinnable player folder to another location.

Once the folder is renamed or moved to another location you may return to the panel and try again.