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CARD 3D Mockup Feature List

NEW! 3 Light Setups

On selected products users can toggle between three different light setups after their render is complete. No need to re-render!

Multi-Layered Hi-Res PSD

  • Hi-res 300DPI
  • Editable Multi-layered PSD
  • Customize background
  • 168 Views on AR Mockups only

Render Spinnable Player

  • 168 Angles per product
  • Embeddable web player
  • Rotates like a virtual product
  • Autoplay preview mode
  • Slideshow preview mode
  • Multiple resolution export

Render MP4 360° Video

  • 168 Angles per product
  • Full 360° Videos
  • Youtube ready
  • Export SD and HD
  • Customizable background